Only criminals sell books

I know what your thinking. I make this sound like people are all criminals that sell books. Not at all there are great publishers out there that look after there authors all the time. I just haven’t met them yet.
I know what your thinking. Shut up. I’m done reading. I’m
sorry you feel that way. Never talk about yourself. Fine then. Unfortunately I feel the need to rationalize my freedom of
speech. I am not uttering hate or slandering high ranking officials here. This is not a school essay either. I would hate to think anything I have to convey on text could harm anyone. I am not conducting hate speeches at a rally here either. Though I am sure books like that exist as well I wish to be no part of that scene. I don’t really want to be someone that’s easily raped either where people just get use to showing up to rob me. Must be nice to legally earn money for nothing too. I wouldn’t doubt if that happens either. I am not complaining! I wonder how many people would blame a innocent person for crimes committed by someone else. How could anyone be responsible for another persons actions. We are all familiar with the old saying if someone told you to jump off a bridge would you. I know I wouldn’t but some people are subject to persuasion. I wonder about how some people are always looking for an excuse not to do something that costs them something. Whether someone does something out of the ordinary that costs you your time, money or patience it is amazing how few of us go that extra mile. I’m not saying I am a hero here either but I many times have gone out of my way to make a difference. Sometimes life gets in the way of some of the rules. Why should people have to suffer systems put in place to ensure the profitability of a company either. Many times I have gone to a retail store to return something where I was hassled by the staff. I realized that a bicycle I purchased was not the correct frame size for me and tried returning it. Because I never had the receipt the customer service agent hassled me and said I was unable to get a refund because of this. The product was unique to this store and sold nowhere else in the entire city.
If it was me I would have my supervisor re-print a receipt from the sale. Its usually fairly easy to do in a store which as few sales as it does in this particular department. It was just done to aggravate me. This particular customer service agent took some kind of pleasure from causing pain from stupid policy. You could see a particular smugness and happiness when I became upset at the rejection. I am a good person why would someone take pleasure from my pain. More sadism I guess I just never understood this disease. I have become very angry at times with people for reasons like selfishness at times but never happy because of there pain. I take no pleasure learning events like someones home exploded after torturing kittens all day either. I might not be shocked or angry either though. It does disturb me when a person gets rejected that is particularly deserving though. That hurts the most like when someone special that has earned the right to something and its denied out of spite. Why are these people in a position to constantly benefit or enjoy talented peoples success-fulness in life either. If someone was spending my hard earned money too that might hurt a great deal after some time as well. There might be one unhappy camper if he or she learns suddenly that what they have done for years is commit fraud. Imagine if everyone that
worked at a job that had illegal business practices suddenly quit. What would the landscape look like. Unfortunately a lot of bills would go unpaid and perhaps that just never happens. THE GROUP would get stuck with the bill eventually if that happened. We all have to eat. That really must suck finding out your stuck in a job that is fraudulent and have a mortgage too. I think there is so many circumstances that make people lose there dignity in life it really has to be acknowledged. Such is the trials and tribulations of life. I hope your not tired of me talking about books yet. Why do we write a book. This question is always asked. I wish I had a easy answer. All authors starve so it can’t be money.

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