Its beautiful since your next to the ocean

People should represent there organizations, agencies, groups etc etc. People should have dignity and pride in what they do. People should be reduced to spy’s that give something to a citizen just to spend a lifetime trying to take it away. It seems like a foolish premise. You shouldn’t be forced to play games when THE GROUP is represented by a automated payment that constantly shuts itself off and forces you to play ball. Ideally non of us would need help but if we live in a rural area such as I do the work part is a bit of a joke. There is no economy here just homes one store and post office and pub and one credit union. That’s the extent of our economy. We are then separated by 18km of road to the nearest city with no transit
basically. Expecting to find work here is a bit daft if you have no
transportation and no money for insurance, fuel for about 40-50 km each way to work. Ok you with me still. Shutting my direct deposit off to my bank 20km away either isn’t a good idea since sending me a check now makes me walk 2km to the post office and 20km if I want to cash it. Oh and the way back too so basically 46kms or so. THE GROUP doesn’t think ahead and if they chose never to start caring properly when first they add you they never will. Don’t expect someone to suddenly care 3 years depending on a automated deposit. Its frustrating living in this area. Its beautiful since your next to the ocean there is skiing not to far boating and hiking nice lakes so much nature. The problem is no one gives a shit about anyone that try’s to work here or live that’s not retired. The people in charge really are un-intelligent. I hate to sound like this but its just the case there is no reasoning with them and they defy logic.
I don’t want to judge anyone but eventually I think that’s the only way to change things. No one seems to want to change though. The fact that no one my age fills the streets other than a handful of THE GROUPS employees proves my theory. I just have to say show me my school mates and everyone’s success-fulness. I don’t mean this out of spite I mean this to demonstrate how we are living in a perpetuating youthful employment problem. The only people allowed to work in the dominating retail landscape is under twenty five and I want to know why the discrimination. To me this is not a accusatory tone but the reality of living here. I want to invoke real change and be responsible but if I am the only guy my age that’s looking for work I don’t see much point. I have tried many times to be self-employed I have tried many things and with some success. However since the population is dying and not living nothing can change too drastically over night. Somehow the 35-50 year old population base has to be increased so the maturity level of employment statistics can form real change. I don’t think we have enough people doing the right things. Again its just more talk isn’t it. How do we do this. We can’t just have a enormous birth spike and wait 40 years there must be a way. If people moved here for work this would solve the problem. But see that’s the problem. No work. You might as well called us no work. Another problem like any society might be the lies we tell ourselves. This also might be why we never grow up. The population in the financial sector might become so immature that the lies they tell each other to maintain the business’s in place may well be ignored by other cities. We might really be facing a immaturity problem since our children never grow up. They simply move because its impossible to stay since the immature situation refuses to allow us to grow up in the first place. I hate blaming people because no matter how
much I complain I still will be out numbered. There still will be over
half the population consisting of elderly seniors that refuse to believe
anything I suggest. There is a very low percentage of this population
base that seem to want to listen to anything I have to say. The only thing you can do is market to the older population. Then your left with another problem. Agreeing to everything they say to accept there payments for services or products you have to sell them. Again they win you still have to market to them. They are the economic powerhouse that keep securing there income which the younger generation can not access. Think of money flows as taps of water.

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