If this is an attack from Al-queda or Isis we will not be intimidated

Maybe that’s the threat though. Maybe I am threatened by my very
success that THE GROUP wants me out of the country simply because they know I would fix things. Do the current leaders fear my re- organization of intelligence. After all the fuzzy bunny slippers with ears agency was recently attacked. I am standing at elevated security levels since our beloved mascot was run over on the side of the road in the Royston, BC area. I’m on to you. If this is an attack from Al-queda or Isis we will not be intimidated. I have always felt of as sorta under attack by local police but lets face it I got buddies too. Just kidding honestly I have no friends. We are a harmless agency not even recognized across the G-6 and G-7. Unless your a G4 then maybe we’ll talk about it. After discovering the baby shoe and box with CODE on it I assume my letter was read. Finally the words getting out.
I think the music industry should have diplomatic immunity. On
my military application I hope the music section was taken more serious than the special forces box. Heaven forbid someone require Tae Kwon Do or some Tai Chi to drop in the woods behind your home. Don’t get me wrong if I need to protect your property or safety I’m there though. However I prefer to play the tenor sax before kicking the bad guys ass. We have no formal funding mostly a collection of do gooders. Pray for us we are mostly imaginary. We still meet behind the church hopefully she will show up. Seriously though the music industry deserves everything they get. I am thoroughly entertained all day long by MTV and MuchMusic. Music soothes the savage beast. I love watching my favorite music artists. To me its rather entertaining seeing them all compete with song and video to get our attention. I have a hard time believing they make there millions this way though. When was the last time you bought a CD. I think this is a generational problem. I bet more money is made from the older generation that don’t have computers and mp3 players and internet. Which I also think is a bit ironic. The youngest most electronically up-to-date generation probably steals the most. Not money is made from CD sales anymore. Well that’s my opinion anyway. The HMV’s can attest to falling digital sales. Unfortunately saying this you might say the newest artists are mooching and leeching off the income from publishing companies. Maybe this is just another back door now for some. I’m sure celebrities make more money doing advertising and magazine placements these days. To me the oldest forms of media still seem to do the best. I guess I could always do a audio book but who wants to listen to me talk about myself for hours. Really? You don’t say. Maybe we can work something out. I know what your thinking. There is nothing worst than someone threatening you with physical violence if you don’t do what they tell you. I know its happened to me! I would never do that. Threats are pointless. Why would you want to scare someone unless of course your a sadistic person. That’s problematic I am going off track again aren’t I. I feel like I have dropped a bomb on you with this one. I need Diplomatic Immunity. I want special privileges with documentation that is signed by the leaders of all the countries I potentially visit. Wouldn’t that be cool.
Done are the days where your tricked into going to another country with a big paycheck only to be set up and killed. Oh that’s so cliche do I have to worry about that. Seriously people. I bet they don’t treat the author of 50 shades of gray like that. Never say anything bad about anyone or be real. Remember the do’s and don’ts of publishing. Never polarize your audience. I don’t want to be caught selling my books to the same angry bag ladies and bum’s all the time. I want to expand my audience, not saying you reading this are. Hey it might even be me. Never be adorable either. Last thing anyone needs is a Author that is honest and available to the public. No one needs that kind of crap. She is.
I love the way everyone puts horrible spins on things. Why
suddenly after a application in notepad and letting someone in the back door commandeering a building your labeled something.

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