I'm not in this for the money

None of us much liked the painter but that’s hear
nor there at the moment. I really don’t want to insult anyone since they all were harmless and good natured people. Just don’t call anyone hay wire.
Other things you shouldn’t do at work is correct anyone. Never
correct anyone always assume everyone working has a good
understanding of the best ways to accomplish the daily objective. I have been as so bold as to offer suggestions but have learned it is hopeless. The management might even be in place due to a mistake they have made in the past which has put them there to begin with. Don’t aggravate a potentially explosive situation reminding them there might be a easier way of doing things. This might even embarrass them. Sometimes its just plain easier to keep doing something because its always been done that way. Hopefully your not working somewhere where accidents are even come to be expected. Your making it safer might even depress the boss a little and he or she might lose hope that there job may become easier in the future. I don’t know exactly how to explain this but sometimes it might even be necessary. Industrial accidents lead the score board of accidental deaths in America why ruin this statistic. You might even have a unintended unfortunate effect on the insurance claim rate. I
don’t say the things I do to be cool I really do believe the things I say. I
saw the olive branch again today perhaps the sighting inspired me to
reach out and grab hold with both hands. You know get right in there put everything on the table and start taking what I know to be mine. So is this your royalty check or not. I’m not in this for the money. I have made that clear. I write books for them. Myself mostly but for them not they and certainly not you know who. It really has to be said. I think many times in my life I have said the wrong thing at the wrong time and basically lost my job over it. I really do try to be as neutral as possible now. I do my best to be the Switzerland of warehousing. She did. Wow is she cute.
Something besides relationships which I devoted a entire chapter
on goes without saying. This is not a activity one practices in the
workplace. No office dating or marriage unless you know what happens. You end up taking your partners job and that happens a lot I think that is the best of a worst situation. The role reversal. I have seen a few displays of affection between office employees and each time a disgusting vibe comes over me. I dislike public displays of affection but between two employees a evil black feeling courses through my veins. Again every break I take I get peppered by some external voice seemingly intent on becoming a part of my original creation. With nothing important to say it seems again a boring never insult anyone message is sent to me. I am just reporting the facts if by definition are a loser that means your someone that does not win but after a failed attempt scampers around trying to cover up a fuck up. Don’t be a loser. If it comes naturally to you to be less of a man than the person beside you give up. Don’t waste your time hiding the fact someone is better than you at so many things. Unfortunately don’t verbalize this at work it seems even thinking it all day long eventually unsures your unemployment. Like I said before there are some systems in place it would seem to ensure failure is commonplace. It might just be a turnover of staff that keeps these managers in a job so long. Which basically is the problem. Why aren’t managers the best. I have been through dozens of jobs and I still see the same trend. The scum rises to the top like a milky vat. Don’t just take my word for it though ask the rest of the guys that work here. And if there is just woman you will realize your in the Comox Valley, BC. That’s just the way it is. Also eventually you will find the who is behind the non-profits and fundraisers that finance all small to medium sized business’s. I don’t want to hear threats anymore. It seems I am threatened and provoked daily by some unknown gutless force that has something to say but never the balls to talk to me man to man. Or woman to man whatever the case may be.

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