I wish I was a millionaire

I know there has been some really strange laws throughout the days most of which have been amended. That’s unfortunate. If your rich enough perhaps you could buy your own island in the Caribbean and start your own country from scratch. I would think 150 million should be enough to get started with some solid infrastructure. You could start your own industry and get trade going with the surrounding countries. I always enjoyed Sim City the video game. The trading with other surrounding cities and countries really never seemed to get the attention it deserved in video games. I guess some games involving pirates and sailing with cargo is a step in the right direction.
Diplomatic immunity would of come in handy if I owned my
own country. I think this would be awesome. I wouldn’t of lost my
license if I had Diplomatic immunity. I would have a ridiculous blood
alcohol impairment level in my country. I think .2 percent should be the level. Anything more than that and its a automatic 72 hour suspension. I would have reviews in place by a doctor to get re-instated though. However I would be in control of the doctors of course and issuing their licenses myself. I think dictatorships are great if your a good person at heart. In my law books a large section about what is in the spirit of the law and the law itself which would always be in debate. My cities roads would all be off road at first until our economy became profitable I see no reason to pave anything. The power station would be the most inexpensive hopefully we would have a large dam and free hydro power. Who knows I doubt wind farms will ever be inexpensive. Of course jobs would be my first priority and some seriously affordable housing. Maybe some offshore interest in manufacturing something or some exports of something hopefully we have abundance of. Cross your fingers maybe some gold or diamond mines to get us off to a good start. This should be less fantasy and more reality. How would you get a economy started right off the bat. I somehow would like to skip retail since that seems to have been my enemy here. Retail has never seen to do anyone any good whatsoever since to me it makes no sense. How can you compete with worlds economy if everything had  to be shipped
into the store to sell it. You really would be at the whim of some global shipping giant. I see no point in all bargaining for the best price from shipping companies just to compete with the right to sell someone elses goods. I hate to use Target as a example. It was just the perfect storm of problems for Canada. Other than expanding all the real estate I don’t see the point in taking over another failing retail giant. I would of thought if the competitive nature of Zellers was failing to Walmart it doesn’t make sense. Why expand all the buildings and making everything thirty percent more expensive and imported all goods from the united states. Canadians just don’t seem to shop the same as Americans. Maybe we are less compulsive shoppers and more savvy in comparing prices. Target seemed to me at least promote themselves as a designer retailer. It was almost like Target was THE HUDSONS BAY company in disguise. I really can’t afford to pay 40 dollars for name brand shirts that are paper
thin and of low quality. If the same shirt brand new is 5 bucks
somewhere else why would I gouge myself. At least with The Bay its
been around for quite some time and very Canadian. Now if they still
sold fur coats I wouldn’t mind paying the extra but I fear you wont find pelts anymore.
I wish I was a millionaire. I already feel like I am and I am
being constantly tested to see how much ignorance I can take. If you
become a millionaire do you suddenly get inundated with stupid people looking for money. I also wonder how many real millionaires there are in BC and maybe that’s the problem. Maybe this topic should have been reserved for the full of shit chapter. Again I seem to have miss-categorized my line of thinking. If I was a millionaire I finally could relax and show the world how much I deserve it and better with my money I am.

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