I guess you shouldn't have a beer or two at work

I remember something happening one day maybe but was too tired to see if it was another home his was moving or a boat. He had so many homes and big sheds and stuff in there it got comical to keep up. He always had something going somewhere. My neighbor would of made a better Colombian. He had the boat the temperament everything but the cigars. Which I enjoy now and again. Maybe between the two of us, never mind I doubt I want to work on rusty pieces of shit any more. I kind of get angry even thinking about all
the crap I worked on and made beautiful. Someone would just end up
treating the vehicle like shit again. Maybe if you work on something
long enough you begin to think you own it.
I guess you shouldn’t have a beer or two at work. But I also
guess you probably shouldn’t be yelled at all day by jerks that make you do stuff that costs you fuel and repair money. Maybe there is a degree of tolerance that builds up that only alcohol can help get you through. I notice if I have a buzz on its easier to ignore foolish ignorant people. I am or at least was tested a Genius during this time. It wasn’t original cambridge though so maybe there was room for error. I did enjoy never more than the legal limit allowed during work hours. Of course my day never ended at five oclock and that was the problem. Being twenty years old I did enjoy other things such as dating and the bar scene which was perhaps tolerated. After all its obvious that if your going to run me out for free in the middle of the night 40kms to do something I have to always have fuel money. What good would I be if I tried to enjoy my money. I really did enjoy treating young woman occasionally to drinks and dinners occasionally but this interfered with work. I had another friend cover for me at the worst of times. You know when I just couldn’t tolerate another minute of people asking me to do something for nothing. But this only delayed the fact I have to make good on the costs of doing
business for another ungrateful client which the government or bcaa
covered months later. It really did suck. It was like everyone was your
boss and could cost you money at any given time and you had to find a way of recouping losses constantly. You never got ahead you were
always behind and doing something for nothing in the end. Then you got stuck with problems. Who wants someone elses problems.
Unfortunately after perhaps  a year into this I learn’t not to give a fuck. Perhaps it was this attitude much like my neighbors that I had
developed after doing things for nothing that became obvious. The
RCMP were the worst. BCAA gave us 1 and 30 minutes to get
somewhere in worst cases. The RCMP though always need you there
yesterday and you have to be prepared for everything which sucks.
Usually this happens in the middle of the night or early hours of the
morning. You would be called out to a accident scene more so in the
evenings than day. Have to do a roll over or pull some moron out of the ditch. You have to wonder if the cops were doing this themselves
running into people or disposing of evidence constantly. It seemed so
convenient if they were man I must of unwilling been apart of lots of
problem vehicles. They were always pieces of shit cars too. I found that cops seem to be bit of losers that way. They seemed to like to give 30 day impairments to people that have old shit or jacked up 4×4’s or old muscle cars. Why don’t they give these to the rich people doing this. It would make more sense then we wouldn’t have to argue over tow bills. Who the hell wants to pay 400—500 bucks for a 500 dollar car. Yet constantly I get abandoned vehicles that looked like they were dumped on the side of the road by other tow trucks. I hated attending the scene of accidents when the cops seem to think they are tow truck operators too. Maybe I should do it this way or do it that way. Well hell maybe I should just sit back and give you the controls and cables. There is always one that you realize is there because he has a attitude problem. Usually you get a cop this time of night because he failed to secure the good day shifts where shit like this doesn’t happen. Usually you don’t end up with a car on its roof and transmission fluid all over the road during the day.

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