Heaven forbid I get better at something

Basically just the 4 of us working all day. I pick the wrecks up drag
them to the yard and sometimes we picked up repairs. Being 20kms
from the other tow companies and body shops had its advantages but also disadvantages. ICBC rules claim that you can get repairs done at any certified repair shop or autobody but the fact you have the vehicle comes in handy. This is a business and why bother towing your wrecked car miles away when we can repair it for you. My neighbor was quick to secure these jobs and knew practically everyone. Some people might call him a bit of a hot head. Quick to anger and you just learn to deal with it. I’m was use to that since living around my father who behaves similarly was something I was use to. I seen my neighbor burst into anger at someones incompetence and leave someone nearly in tears. I was in no way incompetent so we got along really well. He learn’t quickly that I was not the same as the well how can I put this, screw ups he had working before. If he yelled at me which was commonplace I probably deserved it and was caught cheating the system he had in place somehow. Heaven forbid I get better at something and lose stand-bye time or something at a accident. Other than the boss my neighbor we had his son and two others besides me working. Two did semi towing which I did not have the equipment for. My neighbors son did mostly all the semi towing which basically is 100 dollars a hour. Another bodyman covered for him when he was out of town.
My day was fairly awesome I got up walked across the road to
work did interesting things all day long and on the best days got to do
structural repair. Its too bad when I did eventually get the rust repair it was always on stuff deemed low quality. The other bodyman because of my age and lack of experience teased me at my low speed. They really were fast though. I could never compete with the other guys. Even with my smarts there are things intelligence are useless for and that’s experience. My gun hoe attitude was great but perhaps they laughed at my technique. I loved getting a vehicle where I could finally cut and replace panels in. I cut and chopped and sand blasted rust out and every time I started building my replacement panel I got blasted. Why don’t you do it this way, why don’t you do it that way. I was learning I had no st way to replace a curved panel. Slowly I learn’t to cut slots to curve and re weld in later. Learning new things is exciting for me and I learn fast but every time I received something new. I really never got a chance to get really good at anything. Next time it would be a medium structural dent in a bad spot. Glass repair was my specialty I have changed a great deal of windshields so that was my thing. The other bodyman worked by commission mostly and hated them. I was quick though since I gather lots of experience doing nearly every model up until then. Chrysler, Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Vans , Trucks, Cars. I really had done hundreds probably. Its hard to believe I guess for them that I had as much experience as I did. But I was the only one doing them so you get fast and good at it then. Every car is different so even if I started again today there would be a enormous learning curve. Models change daily and now with airbag sensors it can get kind of dangerous even. Not that I have made this mistake before. If you don’t wear a seat belt chances are if the accident is sudden you just might break the wind screen. Or you might end up in the ditch or upside down. There are many reasons the windshields get damaged. Basically
with the windshield repair or replacement the body and prep work after body repair and towing during the day I was very busy. I even started mixing paint which I had experience doing as well and even painting cars. In fact I painted a collector vehicle for my sister entirely which she for a nice profit. I have learn’t all the skills necessary to completely restore a vehicle from top to bottom now. Back to my interesting neighbor though! We got two fifteen minute breaks every day and every day off he went to the pub or corner store with his wife and the painter.

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