Go to the Highwayman Pub

I’m not exactly which days it was the pub but I am fairly sure some of them. It’s not easy taking abuse from anyone on a consistent basis so it kind of gets to you doing stuff for practically nothing. BCAA was the worst, I was on call 24/7 to tow vehicles or do jump starts for practically nothing. No one wants to spend twenty bucks in fuel to do a job for 16 dollars and wait a month to get paid. It happens though these member feel because they have a card they deserve free gas and free towing free jumps etc etc. I’m surprised you don’t get a free mechanic. Some people can get ridiculous to talk to that have basic memberships. Thank GOD we only have to talk to the customer when at the scene. The BCAA dispatch could be the problem hiding some facts before we arrive. Again something for nothing. The worst offenders are RCMP dispatches which also I was on call 24/ 7
which they paid for nothing at all. My neighbor would handle all these
calls before I was employed there I wonder how someone that age could handle the hours. Yet that’s probably why he was so cranky all the time. Even at my young age I was cranking in my 20’s having to do so much bullshit to get so little money. People just assume your getting big bucks for everything when you show up on scene with a expensive tow truck. They don’t realize 15 dollars and 1.30 a km is not enough. No amount of explaining will feed my 460 cubic inch ford motor. I have to have the money for fuel before I head out which was the problem. If your along way away and constantly I get this calls that don’t pay for a month I’m basically screwed. The next month might be easier so your always a month behind. Unfortunately something comes up and your toast yet again. Someone that fails to pay on a trip to Victoria for instance which happens too often to me. My neighbor would send me out and snicker at all the stuff he knew would happen in advance. He enjoyed not getting screwed over by these people anymore and delegating. I don’t blame him since this was the worst way of making a dime. BCAA really are users and that is basically the worst problem. They don’t pay enough and you have to wait too long to get paid. Combined with the RCMP that pay for
nothing and again ICBC claims that take a month if you don’t have the cash your screwed. My neighbor needed to retire and I really felt sorry for him knowing all the shit he had to put up with until I got there. How and the hell could he of done this for years and it was taking its toll on me in my 20’s. It never made sense to me how did he do this before me. He must have a strength we do not possess as mere humans.
Things you shouldn’t do at work. Go to the Highwayman Pub.
This is something you shouldn’t do at work or at least at break. Union
Bay Autobody I can say that now since we don’t exist anymore had a laid back atmosphere. The beer we kept in the fridge was seldom argued over at break time. It became a way life really after a long day of getting yelled at from BCAA members not getting what they want. How can you tolerate someone constantly telling you what to do that pays you nothing and costs you money. I can see why someone would snap on occasion. If your my Boss why aren’t my checks bigger. No complaints with my neighbor since I was hourly when anything other than towing. That sucked since I lost lots of hours if I had to go a long ways away.
But I needed the cash for fuel. Either way I was burnt. I had to put
money in my tow truck. There was competition too. Secretly I think my neighbor paid to have someone compete with me but that’s just another conspiracy. How wealthy he is who knows. The yacht over 40′ long and extra hull became his dream. Eventually he sold it after building it for years. When we were all busy working on cars he would be next barn over working on his yacht aluminum welding fiber glassing or putting electronics in or something or other. It was quite the project. I never did get to see it finally hit the water. I seen it through its latter construction but when it sold and moved out after sale must of happened elusively in the middle of the night.

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