Fat woman need loving too

There I go again complaining and still nothing is done about it. When do I get to complain about other peoples stupidity. This is something else you shouldn’t do at work. Be stupid. You should have to be a certain degree of intelligent to have a job. Yet again my attempts at employment amaze me what people are actually working. They stay there for years at work and it seems the less intelligent and tolerant to either crime or indignity they keep there jobs the longest. I am booted out the door as soon as they discover my true level of competency. I know what your thinking. People aren’t all that bad there can’t be as many fuck up’s running the show everywhere you got to be kidding me. Well I’m sorry if your a Genius heaven forbid anything below 120 is kind of annoying at times. Below 110 can be in—tolerable at times. Heaven forbid we dip lower. If your supervisor is grossly less intelligent chances are this is another stepping stone on mine or your in-veritably long list of failed jobs. Just because I have flown under the radar for 4 years doesn’t mean I am a screw up or unintelligent either. It just means that I can’t be bothered asking for help when everyone refuses to do what is required. Basically I need to have some task or I become uninterested like all men. I need to have a sense of purpose. I grow tired of waiting to be recognized for being the best at something as well. Basically I found this happens because others are too busy being rewarded for something I started and unable to finish. This could have been because of many reasons where again dignity was not required.
Well lets fast forward to August, 7″‘ 5: 14pm 2015 and in real
time I lament yet again at my duties in my primary residence in Union
Bay, BC. My phone rang today. Amazing. I have no call display I hate
to ruin a good thing I picked this up from my neighbor. My neighbor
now isn’t around he sold his body shop and property a long time ago. I was asked by a security guard a couple of months ago what every
happened to him. I suppose since I worked there they figured I had some kind of insight. Like I said I am just a temporary boss with too many hats. He trained me well. My neighbors son would blast STOP
WEARING SO MANY HATS! Which I am remembering at this very
moment. I remember he really liked that phrase as he snickered. I am
remembering now get use to it. I responded to the security guard that I think he sold out to some Switzerland guy and his boat to a Colombian. Wow do I ever like having fun with people. Whether there is any truth to this or not we would have to ask him but since who knows where he is its impossible. Last time I saw him he was dying of Cancer. I know eh too cliche cut me some slack here. He is a tough old bird though nothing seems to kill him. I could of walked right by him and not even notice that was him. I am really getting awful at remembering people these days. I don’t know why. I do remember how he would never sell that boat of his even for 1 million dollars. It ment too much to him and it was his dream so I guess I gave some inaccurate information once again. He did sell a hull though. I wonder if he is living on that boat like the other temporary boss I had for a few weeks here and there. What is it about all these guys from Union Bay living on boats. I think they must like the water and fishing a lot. Like one of the bodyman use to say as long as my check clears I don’t give a fuck what they do. I second that. Of course what a character he was. Talk about a guy that violated every list of what not to do at work. He molded me into the man I am today. Sigh. Well his loose sensibilities and womanizing kept us entertained that’s for
sure. He basically told us “ Fat woman need loving too ”. He also made
it clear if she agreed to it first hand it wasn’t rape either. What a
character. The beer fridge was always stocked as well thanks to him.
My job was to stoke and make the fire every morning since it was more or less a barn. In the winter this became every ones job taking turns during the day. The bondo had a hard time kicking off in winter so this was one of our biggest problems besides that and two part primers. The paint booth was heated but that was impossible to prime in since it contaminated things.

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