Courtenay Council on the TV is entertaining

I am not responsible for your poor lifestyle which you lived a lie your entire life and need to continue hiding behind me. I will survive through anything. I will never be bullied by a loser. My books will live forever and will not be unwritten and these fools will fall by the waste side. I am not challenging anyone and realize some scumbag might just decide one day hes going to kill and no one can stop them. I realize that life is fragile and there are all kinds of idiots that have killed and begin to believe they are better for taking life. People really are stupid. If your killing for your country I can’t see any reason other than some guy is shooting at me or threatening to take my freedom away. Basically you. Your the threat. You need a warrant to do anything you are found to be murderers sometimes and prone to violence once experienced it. Man seems great until he experiences extreme violence and once that happens he or she is more prone to re offend. There is no rule saying well if someone killed they are least likely to re offend. Secretly nearly all of them like the fact they took life. Basically there fucked up. I think nearly any situation unless someone pulls a gun on you is unjustified. And nowadays this comment alone makes me suspect no.1 doesn’t it. I just can’t help talking about police. Am I ever sorry about that. Its like I just seem to think they are a bunch of losers and I doubt I will ever change that thinking. I just have been used so much by them. I can’t ever forgive them. I see the uniform and honestly I really get upset. I am sure there are many that try to do a good job but I don’t see those. I get lifed. I get to see the undercover thing that’s hiding behind the illusion of law I think. Maybe that’s jaded me.
Its still 1998 and I am pissed off. I’m so sorry I’ll snap back into
the time line once all the idiots that didn’t pay me for my first book line up to meet the author again. I wish they weren’t all losers trying to hurt me for what I knew but it seems that’s my fans. It almost feels like its too late writing this book like I have no chance at being treated fairly since no honest publisher exists. I am tired of being raped. When will it end when will the rape fairy drop from the sky and say sorry we raped you.
I think watching Courtenay Council on the TV is entertaining.
They rob my book at the library don’t pay for it open it up read it then
mail it back to me unpaid for. I like how all the local business’s interact
with City Council. It appears to me there is a senselessness about the process and its business as usual which is weird since they are a part of THE GROUP. Its like as long as they are given things to do with permits and such and interactions they continue helping business’s acquire funding. Someone must be greasing the wheel of progress. I’m sure the mayor doesn’t have some 60 million dollars in a private kitty he pays everyone from. Imagine though if in my imagination corruption was just business as usual and keeping everyone a criminal was the job. What a life. I am not suggesting that the Mayor is a clown I am just saying he probably doesn’t have time to put hand soap and towels himself. But if he had that kind of money you would think he could pay someone to do it for him. I guess if I am selling books to criminals it doesn’t much matter where my bread and butter comes from. That’s not my job though I am not the police. I make my book available and its very frustrating when people choose to steal it. The ultimate fact to me is that its theft.
How did you acquire stolen property is my first question. If your here to tell me you don’t like the content first off you have to have the right to read it. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer some of these people. Its hard to get a warrant for stolen property. If even THE GROUP chooses to steal my information because its that interesting how could you threaten to sue me for it. First pay for it. That’s not a threat on my part its just a wake up and stop being assholes to me.
Oh poor me.

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