51 Shades of Abernathy Cray ©®Y

Like Walk Off The World said I made it through the shades of gray
made it my own way. I just think that phrase needed it’s own chapter.
Well Grey Abernathy does anyway. Don’t expect deeper to read these either. I doubt that will ever happen. Mind you that 2 dollars just might have gained some interest over the years. For all of you that remember that other book I wrote first about 5 years ago I mentioned something about that. The title is just sort of a hodge podge with no significant meaning. You might suggest that cray might mean this chapter was put together really fast like the a computer one of the fastest computers at the time. Now with absolute 0 temperatures nearly possible super computing has come a long way. Unfortunately though there is now organic computers. Oh it boggles the mind what’s out there now excuse the pun. If you want to know what a boggle is better ask that Tommy Gun guy who claims to have a bullet in his brain. I’m sure somewhere all these cliches exist its just a matter of time before we find them. How painful it is reading text generate by a computer. Its meaningless, soulless and void of meaning. Computers will never have experienced the same taste touch and smells we have. Not that I write like that. I hope your not waiting for me to excite the female audience. I’ll be sure not to move my silky smooth fingers up your porcelain skin.
Oh what the hell lets talk about bionic eyes. Whats the deal with
bionic eyes anyway. What is a bionic eye. Who has a bionic eye. Whats the point of a bionic eye. Has anyone watched that new Diplo video. I wonder if DJ snake still exists not to be confused with DJ snake. Was that you was that me was that you being me or me being you. Its all so complicated.
Lets talk about adult children. Now do you think adult children
are the problem with the economy. I wonder if more adult children didn’t live at home would the economy run better. If the problem is a lack of work how exactly are these children to live on there own. Suddenly I think there has to be a fundamental shift in the way we raise our children. As soon as our children express interest in becoming independent and hopefully find work we should encourage there independence. I think this should happen at a young age. I think there is a better way than just handing them all off to THE GROUP. I am not saying we as parents should do everything either but there must be some give and take. I laugh to myself at how hypocritical my thinking might appear to a stranger. This should happen at a young age so that adults don’t become adult children. If a family member has moved out lets say a year or so there should be some kind of system in place to support there success. I am not saying just give them money. Wow would that ever be great if all parents were that wealthy. I do think that if the work fails and there is no other options instead of moving back home with the parents THE GROUP should take some responsibility. If this happened more the right people would stay in jobs. Finding work in today’s economy is extremely difficult and I assume everyone would agree with me. I even with my experience in my profession still have difficulty finding work. Even when I live in an area where work is way more accessible the cards
keep getting stacked against me. I find that no matter what happens to me there are forces in play that prevent my continual happiness. This could be for many different reasons and lets hope it isn’t wealth itself attacking me. Adult children can run into lots of challenges in life but simply saying grow up isn’t always the best idea. Well I’m forty now what am I doing living at home. I perhaps have a unique problem. Adult children can be forced to make some tough decisions all of which can seem unfair. To the parents the raising of the child was done at 18 years of age perhaps. Anything past this could be seen as above and beyond the expectations of parenthood. I might agree with that. If THE GROUP was there for us as adult children and took some of the financial responsibility and became a real person this would work great.
Unfortunately THE GROUP has a poor reputation of making citizens a ward of the state when they fail to provide shelter. As a adult child I
believe this is my job not my parents or THE GROUP but attitude always seems to be the problem. People seem to expect things from people other than money at times and this might seem controlling. No one likes to be manipulated or controlled or forced into a situation where they lose control of there lives. I am fit to look after myself yet THE GROUP can go out of its way to make life difficult by the act of giving. THE GROUP can bother you and belittle you and constantly ask you to play their game. Life shouldn’t be a game.

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