I know what your thinking

Why would anyone else want to embarrass you as well. I find it very strange that some people can’t just let someone soak it up. If someone else was having a good time and people even appeared to like them who am I to start causing problems. Am I so insecure and desperate that I need to try and educate the public that they really should notice and acknowledge me constantly. What guys and gals I am really suppose to be the cool person. There is no school for cool. Its too bad and I would be curious who the teacher was of that course. Maybe the fonz would show up. We would celebrities get desperate for attention. I thought they were all suppose to have millions of dollars, yachts and buildings. Why would they need to
be recognized by me or anyone else. Even if I do see them suffering in a corner of a local bar or pub or restaurant desperate for attention. I don’t understand why I have to get there names wrong too but everyone else a week later maybe read about them in a different place and how much fun they had with another celebrity. I just don’t understand. Then if you do recognize them they get offended well except her I really thought I would get a different name. Fuck. Dammit. Never gonna happen. She probably did. Anyway I really am tired of being full of shit I think again I have covered what I needed to cover. I still haven’t got a quality hug and I really am starting to get desperate for attention again. I know how they feel. I’m not though thank GOD for STAN.
Celebrity Screw
Yup that’s right celebrities screw all the time. Celebrities hurt pretty
bad sometimes and it makes them easy targets for preying men and
woman out there. In fact seeing someone they really might like or
heaven forbid love might drive them into a sexual frenzy that they just have to satisfy. Celebrities are the worst people to pick on. They are already in a world of hurt from some friend dying from a overdose of drugs or a dip in popularity or getting kicked of a reality show. You
really never know. Celebrities hate it when a regular schmo like you and me look cool. Don’t take the spot light off them! Its dangerous if your too cool look hot or sharp and start suddenly the dance floor pulls back in a 8 foot circle around you. Don’t compete with celebrities! Holy fuck a biker gang just went by I wonder if shes in town. Maybe I really do get her today. Where was I. Oh yes never focus on just one celebrity too that’s just too obvious. Its awful to become one of those dam fans that basically take the words out of your mouth when you can’t speak. Don’t talk. I know what your thinking. I can’t I must suffer.
Nothing makes sense when your a fan. Get over it. If 12 actors
show up and you only recognize 3 chances are your with me. Its not my job to figure out the other 9 either. And I’m not gay again sorry to
disappoint you guys. If your from the cable company and always had
your eye on me really I hate to let you down. I love really foolish
women celebrities. Its basically my niche. I have no idea who the
celebrity is I will call them by the wrong name forever if I see them pass and wonder who attacked someone on the red carpet last year. Your not cooler if your names wrong. Well maybe if your with me. But that will never happen. There I go bragging again! Basically I think there is a Top 40 celebrity list of actors that are never in Vancouver or Vancouver Island that I try to get wrong constantly. Its hard work. I don’t want to screw the wrong name. If we screwed and I got your name wrong or tried to call you by another name a week later I’m sorry. If your too young for me like 10-20 years younger and I have no business screwing you I’m sorry. Sometimes we have to go straight into the sex and forget the kiss or hug. Its just the way it is when you turn forty. You know I’m forty years old right. As if when things become too easy for me my defeatist attitude kicks in and I basically kill all chances I have with women.

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