Would we even know when someone is styling

Maybe this is commonplace. Never make the effort to try and become popular heaven forbid you do and it gets hidden for years. Lately I have been getting the feeling that all of my family members seem to think they are really cool and better than me. Well with the exception of one. Why suddenly does there presence seem to aggravate me like somehow and someway they are constantly betraying me and annoying me. I never really liked one distant family member anyway maybe that’s the crux of this. Again I make the point of how some wealthy people that do absolutely nothing for their money but always seem to have lots coming in annoys the fuck out of me. Its like a worthless abundance feeling that is so petty and childish you know there In no way you will ever get a piece. No matter how you slice it I think I have to point you back to the full of shit chapter. If you really are popular maybe its best you never became that way because your audience is selfish full of shit and will never pay up. Seems like your screwed either way. The more popular you become the more full of shit people you have to cover in the end because they will never pay what they owe. What do you do then. Is that why celebrities pretend to be popular since actually being popular is way too costly. I would think one good sale might be worth more than hundreds if not
thousands of people that refuse to pay up. Everyone wants to be a part of something special unless it comes at a personal cost. That just might be the overall problem with the labor market. As long as THE GROUP pays you with free money the reality burden is lifted from the company trying to pay. Then you could milk things like new employee grants so that you can hire people as long as possible before realizing you have only 220 bucks. Oh well we had a good few months. Too bad your company is full of shit.
The ultimate feeling is knowing whether your full of shit or screwing a celebrity if your getting paid finally for your independent work there is nothing anyone can do about it. Why again would you try and delay a persons happiness in knowing they finally are getting properly rewarded for there achievements. I still have that feeling though like for some reason someone is mooching off me and needs there head examined. I hate the being used feeling. Always being compared to events of the past which for some reason someone believes its ok to steal from me. Its a kind of hatred knowing that someone that might be retarded in some way controls and prevents you getting paid out
of spite. I think some people might want powerless feelings like this to go away so badly they end up doing bad things. I have learned that
pushing back is utterly useless if your up against someone that is so
delusional they believe they have a chance competing.
At what point do beginner celebrities start styling. I wonder if
your Grandpa styles yet. Would we even know when someone is styling. Where is there blog and news or press release indicating what might be in fashion. I don’t wish any harm to any of my family but right at this moment It really feels like three of them really are annoying me intentionally. The annals of time might not be the best way of venting a temporary frustration as I try and secure my royalties. I wish I could get this out of the way so I can relax but once again maybe its a bullshit asshole cop thing. Maybe they want to keep you on edge as long as possible till the bitter end milking as much of your personal finance, time and emotions to prevent you from relaxing. Heaven forbid I know what I am getting and when and would be able to relax. Heaven forbid some jackass actually tell me what the fuck is currently going on in my life creating obstacles to my happiness. Hopefully. Any time now I will get the ball rolling. I have no idea who really thinks that delaying something ing to change the overall success-fulness of what is already owed. Maybe its a cop thing. Reality doesn’t exist for enforcement officers and persecution is inevitable. I don’t hate cops I just figure they all should be visible and not bullshit plain clothes moronic fake investigators that
waste the tax payers money drinking at the Whistle Stop Pub.

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