There could be a overall problem

So back again to human rights violations that have nothing to do
with Chinese drug dealers. I just threw that in for fun. Honestly it
makes no sense but according to some research that’s popular. China has some of the worst human rights violations. There I go again trying to be cool. Taking advantage of stupid people really must be reserved for people with no conscious. Again this makes it easy to find the sadism element of your particular group. I keep making out like THE GROUP is evil. Not at all the case however when its me they might very well be evil. In the majority of cases other peoples lives are not as complicated as my own. I just seem to fall through the cracks and get picked on by the top element that can arrange pieces of my life that sit for years dormant. Eventually a group member sees this dormancy and lack of anything being done as a opportunity to claim something as there own. There could be the overall problem. Why would anyone want to prevent someone’s life becoming easier. Wow am I sorry for asking all these rhetorical questions. Seriously though that’s like asking why do evil people do evil things. Why are people evil might be a better question. Why do people become evil. Eventually when people have a great deal of power and control and wealth do they automatically start destroying things. Maybe its my continual observation of ways a situation could be better to a group of people trying to make things worst that annoys THE GROUP. Maybe its time for a new group. The problem I am having with constant re-assignment and wrongful dismissal and harassment and
delay of payment might have gone on as long as it has because THE
GROUP hides behind my career. Of course I get fired yet THE GROUP members somehow maintain there positions hiding within my career itself. This would allow the members to constantly move there people around past positions I have had with as little to no footprint in the financial as well as real estate market. It seems as though these members maybe have forged a life for themselves forcing me out of a good situation and parasitically feeding off all my experience. Or am I full of shit. Nice is that cake. Figures.
Boing Boing Boing Boing finally internet. Internet is fast and
few between where I am located sometimes I have a nice day sometimes I get a high ip you never know you really never know. I am tired of looking for internet. I should be able to order it and not have to pay 300 dollars just to connect but unlike regular people I again have to pay through the nose. I am not sure why it is thatI am so discriminated against when it comes to internet but I have a feeling it has something to do with the cable companies. Identity theft or what big cable might call business as usual might be the problem. I have mentioned before about how people love to single me out and discriminate against me that I might be in some way different from the other lemmings. How am I different and why mustI be treated so poorly. I don’t wish to fight on the phone with some moron telling me to go through a long list of things to do when they could of just mailed me the password. Thanks jerk. Your jobs meaningless and if you have to waste my time by making things look difficult just so you have something to do for 30 minutes out of the day well your a potshot. Your just some guy or gal that wants power or
control over a person and personifying your delusional control over the persons internet to give you the false illusion of power. I will just delete your forwarder and minimize my footprint unless your internally connected to me you wont see a dam thing after that. Not only that I will share my data with some random person in another part of the world. Basically I am a fuck off that’s not truly realized properly until your system starts failing the head tech needs my help and your system jams. None of which is my fault other than choosing not to use your servers. Perhaps I pay a premium to be the best at a pointless game. Again if I was infinitely rich the 1700 dollars to buy a experimental netblock from the Arin network would be the next step in fuck you. I wish my freedom of choice didn’t always come at a cost. Did I ever mention the fact I feel the internet? Any way I’m full of shit that’s more like bell and this wire goes there why argue with me.

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