At some point I think this gets a bit out of hand

Then another group might even try and discipline someone elses group. Heaven forbid that happens. If I can’t get a sound nights sleep forgive the pun perhaps someone else might enlighten me to how to stop someone from ruining it. If you knew I or someone else was attacked or being attacked wouldn’t you let me know become my ally and fight for me. Wow its almost as if this went somewhere totally unexpected. How much different from the average public do you have to be to get this kind of unwanted attention. Why would any group take pride in their most ignorant members and hope to discipline anyone that exceeds a certain level of intellect. Thinking seems to be frowned upon when realization of a unfair situation results in a member having to think outside the box. Neglect seems the only solution when the systems put forth for all situations fail. This eventually will violate someones human rights to get fair and equal treatment under the law but they really don’t care. The problem is they have to take a risk that they might be disciplined for independent thought which is dangerous. They might lose there job!
This is the only thing that THE GROUP cares about how to retain each one of there jobs. THE GROUP is seen as some unipotent being that has access to all things that control our lives so we might remain a orderly society under there firm control. There is no way to go up against a hydra or a two headed snake. If you lop one off another will just grow back. As one human being you really bite off more than you can chew realizing you can’t face a organization built on the premise they ultimately have control over your freedom. We can rationalize this premise and decide who believes they have more control of us. We might believe authority being the ones that are in most direct contact and might lose it and try and discipline us rather than protect us or our property. Maybe the system fails and the upper crust of the legal system is too blame. Maybe we pissed off the wrong federal judge or the senate or crown council. In which case they will just right a warrant for the arrest eventually of a trouble maker.
I hope your full of shit. It’s Saturday August, 1 “2015 ” 4pm and I
hope your not a 13 or 14 year old boy claiming to be my son. Because if that’s the case I really need this money. Its going to get expensive
looking for your mother that’s for sure. If your mom wears flowers in
her hair and likes to have a few Chinese body guards as well chances are we have to be full of shit at the same time. I knew eventually this would happen. People would realize how full of shit I had the potential of being. Hopefully your mom isn’t in Copenhagen. Whoever is teasing me is really doing a good job. They really do deserve a round of applause just for plausible deny-ability. Thank GOD I don’t have call display which was my last fuck you to the world. If you don’t say who you are or give me a number there is 0 chance I will trace the call. I think that’s the best way. Flying blind. Basically last thing I need is someone calling me up and announcing thirteen or so years later that a woman basically took my life away from me and hid it for that long. Seems like a pretty crappy move. What kind of mind fuck would have someone believe someone is really someone else in real life. If this isn’t confusing enough
heaven forbid it get more. The ability to be a dead man and still alive
would seem to be a great solution to this problem. Since that scenario
would have to be proven. DNA test’s wow well if the doctor could be
trusted I think that would be a great idea. At some point I think this gets a bit out of hand. This really hurts just thinking about it. That a human being would be hidden from me for 14 years. Kind of earth shattering. Of course if you weren’t born a woman you again might literally be full of shit. Every man should have the right to never have to worry if what he sees is actually a legitimate female that can conceive. The very thought I find disturbing that a man would become a woman spending his life deceiving people. GOD will straighten him out in the eternal life I’m just here taking up space hating trickery. Of course that doesn’t make those men the Devil but I bet they can hear him clearer. Like I don’t have enough battles on my hands struggling for independence from THE GROUP’s leaders.

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