I think they are onto me

If this is there hang out and I have captured the coercion with celebrity screw ups and now the world knows wow am I ever sorry. I am entitled to my opinion pubs really are never good nor bad but the people in them sure can make a difference. I would hate to know that a real loser talked himself out of a felony knowing I can hardly do it out of a bull shit loitering fine. I shouldn’t let things get to me. But lets face facts, what other people write honestly and aren’t full of shit when they write a memoir. Who wants to read over and over again about the same nature walk or how everyone is wonderful and there life is so great. No one wants to read about that. I think many more people want to know which people are the biggest screw ups and lucky to be free walking and talking to the rest of us. I really find it hard to face people that in some way are back stabbing me. Its just a feeling they give off. Maybe its the injustice they are doing to GOD himself which I take offense too who knows who cares. I just have a problem with it. I don’t want to pump out trash either. I don’t expect to crap out a big turd and watch it turn into gold either. I put allot of thought into my work and believe it or not actually try to thoughtful of other peoples feelings. But lets face it your a drug dealer and we can’t be seen together. I think my neighbors on onto me again and trying to prop. I invented the prop how dare they try it. Oh well maybe it was her long board. Scary stuff. I think they are onto me.
I hate looking directly at things I might recognize as factual evidence.
That way if I never get a good look at things the rest of the fuzzy bunny slippers with ears agency will never question my authenticity.
Imagination is something I can’t use this being a factual document. I
don’t understand why anyone would want to make up something god
dammit someone just screen shot my page. Fuck you clown I’ll
remember that. Where was I. Oh yes why would I have to explain
someone special to me that makes me popular. I don’t want to pretend to know anyone that I don’t but if for some reason you find the need to hide your identity from me and spy on me go for it. I am not saying its ok but chances are I will figure it out eventually just not in real time. I just can’t mow your lawn anymore. Which sucks I still got your number though. I like feeling wanted who doesn’t but I would rather enjoy a silent fame. I know eh this sounds like such bullshit maybe I should I put this part back up in full of shit. Tough luck. I have nothing to prove but how long do I have to wait till I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. Its a great feeling knowing or thinking at least that you were a part of something that inspired true fame, popularity or greatness. Being a part of the creative process is what motivates us more than money. This is true for the most part until the reality hits home that with all or spending time and resources creatively we have sacrificed our independence or freedom. We still got to pay the bills. Try inspiring other people to do great things
in order to secure your liked. That and my other words to live by shut
the fuck up have no opinion and smile if a celebrity looks or talks to you. Its the best way of being liked. Have no opinion. Sometimes you just have to faggot some days. I thought I would just throw that in there to see if anyone notices.
If your a celebrity and reading this I hate to be the one to tell you
but your screwed. Specially if you look like your fifteen and in the
wrong bar. Some days I wish I could ask for ID for people in a bar or
pub. No I really am sorry I just don’t want to worry about being labeled a wannabee pedophile. Who wouldn’t though look at her. Too late I blew it. Dammit shes with someone else already isn’t she. Son of a bitch. If shes reading this already I swear to GOD. I wish that she was interchangeable with a real woman’s name. Magically this book would make sense suddenly. Instilling anger and frustration hopefully will get tiresome for whoever takes pleasure from it. I hope I stop adding too many adjectives and adverbs and other descriptors at the end of my sentences as well. I won’t walk the white line for you or bump and grind you or even by you alcohol to win your love.

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