No one has any real money

THE GROUP wants me dead. I can’t get my money
and my popularity is getting out of control. That sounds awful. How
much more do I have to suffer though. I spent 70 days in jail for walking out a airport. I been nearly strangled to death. Beaten unconscious twice in prison, tasered and lost thousands of dollars in stocks. How many years does my book need to be for sale before someone admits to buying it yet not paying for it. Honestly year 6 is really coming fast guys. I’m tired of complaining almost as much as your tired of hearing me complain. But you don’t hear me complain because if you did you would admit to causing me even more pain by admitting you don’t pay for my books. Painful. I watched both movies. Neither of them made any sense to me or had even the smallest reality to it. I don’t think my parents get the detail version of the cable bill. Oh well they probably though it was cheap porn. Basically I prefer the pink one. I doubt I will ever get screwed again. Oh I’ll get fucked over that’s for sure. I just doubt I will ever get screwed. I’ve been burned lots as well. I wonder if all these beautiful powerful woman with millions are just glorified drug dealers. Like they have just had enough with me trying to be cute and loving and finally going to get serious and stomp me out for good. Heaven forbid some deep seated wrinkly old man that smokes cigars and gets socially inebriated get lucky. My chances will improve if I can at least get into a population with more selection. Langley, BC sure isn’t like some hot spot but I think its the perfect storm for me. I will have to keep visiting. Maybe something will happen and I will finally make the effort that gets me the girl. Of course she has to be American don’t let me fuck up with some broke ass Canadian girl. I want something hot. The woman around here just aren’t doing it for me. I need something along the lines as California peaches. I want more than a handful now. I
am tired of getting these po dunk heifers. I need a woman that can
entertain me. Make me laugh. Cook me dinner. Never leave the home.
Basically I say this because I don’t want to lose her again. Its awful
when they get away. I shouldn’t have to chain them up either like some of those crazies you watch on television. I hate the bar scene there must be some other way. It just came to me. Perhaps my backyard could become some kind of staging area. You know come to think of it Ticket Liquidator still hasn’t payed up on what they owe me maybe I can get a event going. I get a kick out Rakuten that just purchased KOBO from Chapters Indigo for supposed 135 million or so. Its funny to me. Being a affiliate there I can’t seem to get my checks from them. If they can’t write a check for 7 dollars or even 50 or 100 how the hell can they buy something for 135 million. Anyway for me there management and system is utterly useless and borderline thieves. The problem with these mass merchants in the online world is they all seem to be all show and no
go. You know they have deals with hundreds of merchants for online
affiliate programs yet as soon as you refer them a sale they never pay up. Why is it that somewhere they have enough money to secure everyone’s brand yet when it comes to reality and real sales they are incompetent. The same goes for nearly every other affiliate program I have been a part of. No one has any real money and can write a real check but they have allot of systems allot of branding and allot of talk. Not allot of money though. Even if you help them get sales and leads they still can’t seem to honor a percentage of the sales. This seems to be the ultimate in greed and incompetence and or ignorance. Maybe since its so impossible they all think they just deserve all the sales for themselves since they will never get enough to amount to anything in the first place. However I am sure these guys don’t all go to work each day for free. Its amazing somehow the employees get paid yet all the affiliates don’t. Its unfortunate when a system designed on free enterprise really is just a advertisement for fraud. Well until the victim realizes he isn’t getting any of the money in sales he or she is generating. Its all for show. I seem to be getting off track again. Do you know any celebrities.

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