Wow could I really get even more egotistical

Give it up already I’m much to popular to even be with you (in my own mind). I’m still waiting for those two books to come out. I hope they are really good. I don’t get jealous easily either unless I see you constantly with another man that isn’t your brother. Still the fact it could be me I find upsetting yet again. Whats with these women when will these young woman realize they need the older steady hand of a gentlemen. Or is that why I keep getting kicked out of bars. Well to some degree I suppose I am jealous of really wealthy young people that don’t deserve their wealth that was just created randomly by a negative industry with no accounting. I’m starting
to get that feeling again. It feels like someone elses desperation and
anger and one last stab at delaying my happiness and prolonging a
painful situation. Sometimes I feel this way. I wonder if some of these
people are satanic trying to position themselves will the best seats in hell when they eventually learn they will not be allowed entry into heaven due to buying a scalped ticket from me as I sit arm and arm with saint peter. Wow could I really get even more egotistical. That would make a good music video. Was it worth it. Did you get enough of me before the inevitable degradation of realizing you were surfing the momentum of my popularity. Or will I wake from my egotistical self induced neo- hypocritical farcical coma. I hope you like me I really do. Well to be honest there is nothing really I can say that hasn’t been said already. Celebrities will always screw with your mind, they will hire look a likes and all kinds of things. Or am I just making shit up again. I’m so sick of my shit lately. I don’t know how I can put up with myself. Something like that. GOD have mercy on my soul if I have to edit another one of these wannabee celebrity embarrassing Joe dirt regular common person books. There is nothing special about me. I’m totally sick of myself. Holy fuck we’re at Starbucks or McDonald’s or the beach again. There is nothing worst that those dirt ball non-celebrities trying to get a video with a real one too. Cockroaches. Well what the hell am I going to do I hope you bought more than one to at least give me some hope. And now my feet stink I just don’t understand. I bathe nearly every day if not a shower and change my socks daily how is it they stink. This just doesn’t make sense. I doubt anyone cares if my feet for some reason magically stink but this is weird. I just washed these clothes it doesn’t make sense. I keep coming up with dumb advice like don’t make fun of people or
persons you don’t know. Only make fun of people you know. Don’t put yourself down Asians don’t understand that. How do you make fun of a person you want to make fun of if you never get to know them. Never it turquoise snow simply because it has a urinary tract infection. Never read anything Red Green writes or Jeff Foxworthy. I figure I am somewhere between those two and a barbeque made of cardboard. Possibly someone in my family was drunk and purchased both those.
If a celebrity bought this book simply because they wanted to see
what a celebrity writes about that doesn’t have the fame, money or
friends they deserve, chances are your screwing me. And not in a good way. The money its all I think about. How nice it would be to have money. How awesome someone else’s money would be if it was in my possession. How wicked it would be if all the plastic crap got
discontinued and we went back to paper so I had a excuse to do a
insurance claim. Next time the river ruins my money when someone
pushes me in it after a party I’ll be prepared. Ok I think back to myself I had a few hours to nurse my headache and collate the entire Kevin
Katovic archive. Turns out I seem to think I’m professionally cool. Holy fuck do I have to step it up if I am going to get my abs toner. I wonder how tone I have to get before woman start noticing. Its all I can think about obviously. Woman. I love them to death. They are all bumping and rich and all have jobs. I wish they would give me a local job. Well at least the good looking woman. I wouldn’t want some ugly heifer as old as the hill try and buy me off. I think you would have to celebrity at this point. Its all over for me.

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