Must be nice to be able to cash in on novels

I’m too popular in my own mind to even consider anything less than a cool briefcase full of ones for my books. The problem with that is I’m limiting myself to American woman since Canadian ones are loonies. That would become a very heavy case. Which basically is my point it seems all the ones with the good jobs are built like line backers. I don’t want to limit my new audience as well. Heaven forbid I get a group of gay guys. That situation isn’t going to help me well at least it hasn’t helped so far. Perhaps the cable company. Wait a second that’s the same thing. I find this all coincidental as I flip through the channels to find a old comedy Duplex is on tv. My cat seems
to be meowing angrily at me at the moment hell bent on blocking my
keyboard. How interesting that Ben Stiller can knock off a novel in two weeks and make a living doing so yet after 5 years I am still unknown. Must be nice to be able to cash in on novels. I did honestly giggle inside as they referred to Starbucks being the place to be to be inspired. Currently my entire family is off boating enjoying a fireworks display. Don’t worry they never asked if I wanted to go. Its almost assumed I am not apart of the family other than just living here. Wouldn’t want to upset any of the delicate genius that is my family. I wish I was included in all these fun events. At least my cat moose loves me. I wish he wasn’t currently making it clear I am wasting my time and will never get one royalty check. I have managed to secure a small corner of the table in ch I have the keyboard awkwardly positioned moose satiates his toes with a gristly tongue. As far as Starbucks go I found one of there hats at a thrift store and wear it quite a bit. Even when I frequent the Starbucks. I did get a fright recently in Langley, BC when visiting last not too long
ago. I like that City for one reason. Its complicated street layout. It has lots of pubs too. Its a interesting little town. Well until she showed up. This coffee shop isn’t big enough for the two of us I thought. Mind you I did insult someone that had the same body shape as her at a Mcdonalds not long ago. A beautiful tall young woman burst into the outside area of Starbucks on a Iphone. She blasted some guy insulting his intelligence and making it clear what a clown he was generically. Wow I thought to myself. It feels like shes screaming at me. I was surprised because this is my own tactic I felt being used against me. What a loser, what a jerk, what a asshole. It pierced my very soul. I began to blush and look around because it didn’t even look like there was anyone on the phone.
Scared that maybe I might have propose or something I ran away like a frightened scared little boy. Good for you. So much for my dark tall
coffee which spilled a bit as I abandoned it on the table. This
embellishment is going to cost you I thought to myself as I stared at her heaving chest and jogging pants? Hard to remember. If she was running she needs another name and looser fitting T—Shirt which barely contained the excitement only I can receive on wilderness trails. Langley seems to be the place where its at these days. Langley is closer to Washington and easy for woman to stalk me. These woman have no interest in me but are excited by threatening writers that don’t deserve royalty checks. Of course reality doesn’t apply since well they would have to explain all those pesky books. You know evidence. I seem to be excited by only the same kind of woman. Available ones. Unfortunately the ones I meet are always married or with some guy or unavailable. This isn’t for my benefit either. I think it upset me deeply. The kind of upset that lingers for days. Who was this young woman is she good with disguises. How often does she spend in British Columbia. Again I bring up the how the hell do you have a professional career on the run your entire life. I feel like I am two steps away from getting my ass kicked and liking it. No I really was camping in the woods you should of paid more attention to the instructions. Remember what happen last time.
Well I haven’t run into the right woman embezzling money and
selling my book illegally trying to make me famous yet. Obviously I
have to find a pre-existing millionaire. I don’t know lets throw
something retarded out there. If you the reader sees someone rolling a large red Bentley with 3 or so million in it in case she needs bail let me know.

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