I want my car, cigar and alcohol back

How could someone as nice as myself constantly cause too much trouble at the bars. Its like trouble follows me. She probably got hurt and trapped. I’m sorry celebrities that don’t exist your not married to me. The best thing is never know someone. I hope your laughing. As well don’t drink and drive. Wow.
I want my car, cigar and alcohol back. Sounds like a country
song. Thank GOD I don’t have a wife or this would of sounded allot
different. If your husband tries to beat me up again your really going to have to give a speech. This could be anyone. And the songs pretty
accurate. He is. If a female celebrity songwriter dresses up as a man so
convincingly she can drag you outside get into a fight and still you don’t know who she is, its probably her. Of course if you fail this really do get into a fight and try kissing a real man after wow your probably the wrong type of gay for him. Does that make sense? Thank GOD no one will read this far. If you think I will ever get anything right other than the short moments with people that aren’t celebrity your wrong. They must all be high or something when I get them these people that don’t exist cleverly disguised. Maybe they are just real people that look allot like celebrities that disguise themselves to fool me looking for a disguised celebrity. Really confusing stuff. No one can see through these masks trust me. And if your a black person and now white I won’t notice st. If I sit down at your table it helps if I actually liked your songs to begin with. If I don’t well chances are I will even forget your fake voice. Women that disguise there voices seem to be the most frustrating for me. You knew I would get to this eventually. Why would you do that. Its so irritating.
Stop it. Even if you aren’t her just pretend I know you look
nothing like her.
You have taken this past the limit of tolerance for any mortal
man if your a singer songwriter. I feel my back yard is a great place to
give concerts for all the tickets I buy and never go to at the rogers arena.
I will never buy a Ticketmaster ticket or ever be at a terminal and
perhaps that’s my charm. I guess the tickets I end up buying from some place in New York just sort of magically show up in Canada. You trust me don’t you. Eventually I get the concert unfortunately I just never really realize it until its over and like always a week later. Oh I will help you figure it out eventually. It was VIP! Oh that’s funny. And if you are going to live with me check the mail for me too please. Trust me I’ll never notice. I don’t want to ruin this for you! I am aren’t I, you never had a chance. Its sad. My son hardly ever calls me. I’m laughing on the inside. I’m sure I would know if I had a son. I just want to meet a rich woman the celebrity status really isn’t necessary. I really don’t care what she looks like as long as she is of tolerable looks. Like I mentioned the perfect storm of lack of father figure and desensitization to charming older men so they become the norm. There must be a way.
What if celebrity women screwed themselves if I was close
enough perhaps that would get me through this chapter easier. I hate
talking about myself. Wow you would think I would be a better selection than a inanimate object. But if you can’t help yourself and you have a weak will and need to pleasure yourself in my company well the celebrity status again might be a bad idea. The headlines would be interesting though. I wonder how many men would fall into that particular category of things to do when your lonely. If I did have that effect on women why and the hell am I still single. I guess I will be
single forever. What a drag. Life gets pretty boring around here on
Vancouver Island, BC there is no jobs and little to no income and even
fewer forty year old men.

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