I think that was LRAD

Stop telling me to stop talking about myself! I think that was
LRAD. Lets talk about celebrities then since I can’t get this voice to go
away and I might as well said this was co-authored. I’m not a parrot but I know a few of them. If the only voice you possibly can have is
vicariously through me my apologies I doubt I will do you justice.
Maybe some of these famous people might be able to help me find a apartment in the Lower Mainland which I can holiday in between my
primary residence. Surely with all there riches there is a place I can hide out once in awhile to get away from my following that doesn’t exist. Sometimes I feel as if the music industry knows something I don’t and is selling my books trying to make me feel foolish. I am a bit frustrated in that my publisher refuses to send me checks too I wonder if in some way that’s why I feel attacked by celebrities. Is it possible that my royalties from my fame somehow make there way into a failing celebrities hands. Perhaps that’s my fear that another mans greed and weak sensibilities result in theft of my intellectual copywrite. Who would want to sell someone else’s book though. Why would celebrities be scared of the truth as well. Whats the point in being a celebrity at all if your never real except for when a red carpet magically appears anywhere in the world. Later your image could be transposed into the correct location. Does that ever look dumb me having this garbage bag. I hate the red carpet.
Whats the point. I’m tired of taking the garbage out. Who cares what
anyone is doing that can’t be real without having to check a itinerary.
Sunday, Aug, 2’“ 2015 2pm going to try and connect to the internet
fingers crossed hope my check didn’t bounce, wink wink knudge knudge. Get it right this time. If your career is over and you want to buy my newest book like a few thousand times better check with me first. Just in case. I wish I had my own celebrity I could put inside more than a building. I really would like to own one for a bit you know keep one in my basement tied to a support beam and giving just enough social interaction and food that they can survive. Of course with there consent. Then sneak them into some limo which there inevitably be seen coincidentally leaving my immediate location. One thing is for certain no one will ever recognize me incorrectly all the time or even at all no matter how annoying I get. I think that’s a good thing since it isn’t my fault and I just happen to be there.
Never get to know celebrities. That’s basically the rule of thumb.
Why join a culture that is needy, dependent on constant affection, drugs, money and parties. At some point even celebrities have to grow up and realize its time they actually made a real friend. Not that this person could ever be me. Just suggesting. I don’t think celebrities understand the word monogamy. The act of being with the same person for weeks if not the rest of there lives probably would scare the life out of a celebrity. I think marriage as well is used as a tool to divide assets among the richest of them too. Quite possibly the marriage might be just something some of them do constantly to move assets around inevitably with a divorce. You would think legal problems might be the worst case scenarios as being recognized as one of the celebrities that marry just to do this very thing. I would think the FBI would be all over these particular group of high value individual constantly diving out a problematic tax burden of properties. I think that would be the only reason this happens. Maybe some celebrities end up with so many properties through nefarious ways that the tax burden becomes too great at the end of the year. Celebrities are not garbage throw away people either. I feel sorry for many of them not angry jealous or spiteful at there constant need for affection. But that seems to be the crux of it. Celebrities screw allot because they are in constant need of affection and just take it too far. Maybe they long for sex with a certain person and can’t control  themselves and become week and screw whatever is around them. That’s too bad.

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