I really want to get these royalties

Too much useless unproductive screwing that never results in marriage or a child. I hate unproductive screwing. Its pointless. Again its why these young ladies get tired of some young men around them. Its also possible that the young guys might not be good at what they do. Maybe some of the more savvy younger celebrity woman have had much better luck with older men. Wow its like I am saying her
name right now isn’t it. Lets not pick on her. I think she likes me. Could
be worst I could be 53 and she might have to realize that even 40 is a bit awkward of a age gap. Reality will set in eventually. Either that or
someone else will decide to waste the problem. I think some of the most entertaining time I have had is watching young intoxicated women.
They know they are drunk and have weaker sensibilities and see you as a threat. Wonderful. Its great to know that in there weakened condition they finally might make the right decision. Ultimately it seems to be my lack of action that gets in the way and they possibly get angry wanting. Don’t ever get caught wanting something you can’t have ladies that really does put a weird spin on things. Desperation for a young woman too can be a career killer. She almost sat down. Dammit. I think it was the awkward pause of seeing what she wanted and realizing she was wasting her time at another table. It wasn’t her.
I seem to always be getting screwed by celebrities hence the
chapter celebrity screw. Its not what you think. It seems that all my
efforts promoting myself seem to just end up profiting celebrities. When will this turn around. When will the celebrities finally stop screwing me over. Does it have to be jail or a warning or a stolen property request. I really want to get these royalties going in the right direction. I don’t want to get rich over night but lets face it I probably am. Stop talking about yourself! You did. Dammit.
Just one more way celebrities screw us mere mortals or
upcoming real celebrities that aren’t popular enough in fake circles is the beauty attack. This seems to be something only famous woman do as sort of a last ditch effort to put the emotional nail in the coffin of someone they give up on. If a celebrity female shows up looking
amazing and surrounded by a circle of inner friends forget about talking to her even if shes there for you. This is the last time your probably going to see her again for ages. If you did not pick up on the multiple disguises months before this chances are this is the insult. Seeing a famous female celebrity the correct way might be fake relationship ender that never was in the first place. Maybe its the look at what you will never have insult that finally hits home for the mere un-famous author. Female celebrities are notorious for never giving men what they want and that’s to see them correctly. Its like some kind of unwritten rule for fame. Never show your truest fan whoever they may be that you even like anything they do and that your time, effort and obsession with them is just a waste of time. You a mere regular slob are required to worship all things about celebrities all there defects insecurities and everything else that comes with them. Obviously this isn’t the other way around it
would be a career ender. To be seen together with your biggest real
world fan would be impossible to explain to your existing inner circle of friends (you have them). Its not just me honest. Your fucked either way give up. Any who that was sort of a stupid comment. The regular slob fan has been done to death and I don’t know how much longer I can keep my hair long and be slovenly. Its really required now. Stop talking about me. I won’t put out another book mysteriously and some how let you redeem yourself by at least buying what you should have had in the first place. Its not all about you. I think the most frustrating part about trying to make friends is finding out one is a celebrity that really would be a piss off. I think another way celebrities screw us is never allowing us to get things like royalty checks on track. We shouldn’t have to fight piss and moan to get something we deserve.

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