Holy fuck am I lucky not to be in jail

Ideally I would have been able to order the good internet with no infrastructure through Canada at all that somehow just goes from me to amazon. I heard that somewhere if it goes through wires that’s illegal. Maybe its a satellite, then again its probably illegal again. Is this every complicated. It probably would be easier if I was just American. At least then I would have more than two internet choices one of which I’m not allowed to purchase do to a customer protection division. I guess that’s another way of threatening me. What a bunch of children. When kids start calling the shots pretty much all patience is thrown out the window. Your basically saying that none of their techs have a attention span much less the competence to deliver service. After I am connected to the internet there is nothing you
can do to disrupt my service other than the obvious DOS attacks or
maliciousness. How could there be anything I am doing to threaten a big cable giant. You would think they would be the ones with the experts unless for some reason things fail and they get angry that they can’t monitor my data. Maybe that’s what angers them. Perhaps when they fail to see my dns requests and everything goes silent they get scared. That’s scary they say never ask yourself any recursion when connected. That’s great but if my path is blocked by my ISP to other options I am sort of stuck with that. It must suck to go through all that work to have someone drop your gateway on its head. If your network collapses because everyone is depending on me to support it then your very stupid. Maybe you should pay people to set up commercial relays so you don’t need the customers to do this for you. Seems pretty stupid. If there is a break in a network somewhere else the entire city doesn’t go offline. But it actually does with some of the centralized networking. Heaven forbid I fucking ruin some private or public investigator life for THE GROUP doing all the work for them. I would hate to be the best at yet another thing I fail to get compensated for as others make money of my brilliance. Don’t do it buddy don’t do it step back from the edge don’t jump your life has meaning you have real talent. Whoops too late full of shit.
Enough of this garbage wheres my hug. Who wouldn’t want to
give some miserable conspiracy theorist nut job a two handed reach
around when they encounter them for the first time. I am tired of looking dumb. Every time I have the potential or even the most remote chance at one a siren should go off. What the fuck has happened here. So much for the grammar award. Obscenities are flowing out my text like I was possessed by a defiant teen spirit. I know what your thinking. Holy fuck am I lucky not to be in jail. As well you have my money for Nowhere Near Perfect yet. There is no action between the two of us and its impossible for me to interact with someone that’s not there. This is impossible. Go fuck yourself egg head someone somewhere owes me a it load of money. It’s not all about the money except when THE GROUP uses every department to harass you for life. What makes you think you are any better than anyone else fucking pay up. Maybe my book should be turned into a movie as well similar to Pay Back I wonder what Mel Gibson is doing these days. Comical enough. Well until someone just tried to hit me up for 13 years of alimony. Gloves are off now sure I paid for the tickets but I really never road in the limo and don’t remember anything that might of involved conception. I think when you turn forty a whole new set of rules begin forming when your work has been inconsistent yet the strangers judging you nearly comes to
be expected. I hate eye contact now. It feels as if everyone seems to
think they are better than me for some reason and out and about just to see how they sit in some scale. Why do these people need to compare themselves to me in some way eyeballing me would reveal some cosmic epiphany. Why don’t they talk to me and tell me what they have done for a living there entire life to speed this along. If its a division of the unprofitable group then its also possible they have 0 business value. If you can’t effect the economy maybe its best you stay at home. I don’t need someone from THE GROUP swinging by to try and use mans law to protect them from the inevitable monetary cost they are about to receive.

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