There is nothing funny about this

Can you make sure I see the royalties finally. I hope this book store isn’t full of shit.   Its like my human rights that have been violated.
This happens so often I feel as if I am being prepped for some kind of
move. Now that I am use to getting abandoned and having to bow to
someone elses will to get what I deserve maybe I am ready. Can you
prevent THE GROUP from making my life difficult. I want to engage
the audience. I can’t marry you your not my type. I like richer woman.
There is nothing funny about this. I have tried my hardest to be original and talk about how great my life is like all the other memoirs but all I can seem to do is tell the truth. Perhaps mentioning the thousands of dollars I have lost in trades sort of upset the banking community maybe that’s why I get 0 dollars. Maybe money flows in one direction and that’s away from me. Its not there fault they have just taken it away for 40 years and need to retrain the computers. I feel my human rights are violated every time I go to THE GROUP and need help. Its like THE GROUP does everything they can to make things take longer when they could make things happen much faster. They seem to like to make me suffer in the meantime waiting for things and controlling my physical appearance in certain places. The best way I think THE GROUP violates my rights as a human being is when they arrange for me to suffer. Trying to get me to appear hundreds of miles away for the potential of good job that’s not
guaranteed that costs me lots of time and money is there standard tactic. They must control a large section of the economy because when this happens it happens all at once. Then they cut off my funding to ensure something is extremely difficult or impossible to do and make up excuses. Oh I forgot to sign something or I was willfully deceptive by covering up something on a form. They are ridiculous people at times petty and vengeful when instead of doing what has to be done eventually they force you to bow to there will which gives them the option to steal from you. Basically I don’t want them to see my signature because they forge signatures. We have actually caught this particular department doing exactly that the most than any other department. I say we because without me pointing these facts out it would go unnoticed how corrupt people can be. I really have nothing to worry about since everything I do THE GROUP seems to take creative license to steal from me. Its just another way to obstruct funds from me and count my money while I suffer with nothing. Its not poor planning on my part either its just the facts that they control the economy. THE GROUP makes up about 3 million of the full time jobs across Canada. The rest of the private industry makes up 14 million of the jobs. According to this statistic it would mean 56 percent of us or so are unemployed which is probably closer to 60 percent in reality. If this statistic is looked at micro climatically maybe as high as 80 percent in some regions. Don’t waste your time violating my human rights arguing with me there is no difference from reading my stats and stats THE GROUP. The only difference is I do my best to poll real time data. Stats THE GROUP waits 7 years to post something that might end up thrown out of court after 3 years which is why they do that. There is no difference. Lets face it I’m better. That’s a Judgment call. Why would I trust someone that makes my life difficult every time its personified by someone working for them. Another way my human rights are violated by THE GROUP is
when I am standing in THE GROUPS access center waiting to be helped.  People are flowing around me getting help all around while a counter with a number wheel that is only available behind a counter is ignored. It really becomes obvious to anyone with a brain that this process is done to hide people as they get stuff done probably conspiring with agents at the desk. Obviously when I am refused help when a agent becomes available and the number does not go up one its obvious things are staged.

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