Why does fifty shades of gray read like a computer wrote it

Its really complicated. Oh GOD I forgot I’m not allowed to joke. I think I would make a great Prince. Why not after all there are celebrities all the time disguising themselves why couldn’t I. How many people would learn of my secret. Dammit I’m full of shit again.
Where did that come from. Never write angry. Well where was
I again. Oh yes stupid people that think they can read and do whatever they want without paying for anything. Most likely they work at a agency and full of shit. Why do agencies fail to recognize when popular things exist. Could it be that some people believe they work for THE GROUP they are immune to the reality of intellectual copy write. Another good thing to note is why do bookstores fail to return property that belongs to someone else but takes the time to send a nasty email. After all if a small automobile shows up on my doorstep with someones name and diary inside and contact information I don’t sell it to my neighbor because its sat in my yard too long. Unless I’m charging storage fees wow would that be ignorant. You never know instead of dealing with a rare occurrence that is easily fixed I might try and complicate things to hide from the word theft. But to keep doing it. That takes gall. Why not start claiming other peoples things as your own all across Canada. Forget the fact its even in your systems database you know what to charge people and even where to send the check. Doing the right thing seems to just get in the way for some people. Too much thinking. Its much less complicated to not care about someone do the
wrong thing and get rid of the problem property. Out of sight out of
mind. Some companies will actually put someone callus and hurtful in
the head of departments just to ensure there sadism prevents profit loss. Ensuring hatred is one of the best profit making ideas. Perhaps a billing error ensures you end up with free stuff. Nothing is more satisfying than free money. These people are unfortunately full of shit. After constant judgment of the same person for maybe 5 years at what point does everyone realize that maybe they are the ones that are full of shit. There are lots of different books out there why pick on a particular one that’s realer than real. I never sent it to some full of shit editor to change my original words which makes me solely responsible. My audience where ever they are seem to enjoy believing that bringing a book to market requires thousands of dollars. That way again I can distribute everything at my own cost. There is no point in giving my book to someone else to remove things I thought were important to me at the time. I think editors are basically people that are full of shit. They want lots of money to
have the pleasure of reading someone else’s material and making it more readable according to them. I wish I could edit. I hate reading my stuff. I am me why would I read about how enlightened I think I might be since the act of reading my own stuff makes me feel like I am FULL OF SHIT. I might be full of shit for someone else. In fact I would love to read someone elses books and suggest things that make them less unique more boring and grammatically correct. Again never insult another book. Why does fifty shades of gray read like a computer wrote it. How could a woman get arrowsed if that was the goal by a computer. Thank GOD I never bought it but quickly read parts on the shelf. But simply to me it seemed unorganized un-flowing and had no soul like it was pieced together from multiple artificially intelligent computer systems. It read lifeless to me. I promise always to be 100 percent the guy that had a obnoxious soul that vented out whatever was upsetting him about people that bother him. Basically I don’t need 4 versions of the same thing to
tell me something might be full of shit. As well its own shelf. I guess
some things stand alone. Does the author even stand behind his book
like is there anyway to ask him about any of it. Would he remember or
would he just agree to whatever was on the pages. I wrote every word of mine but can’t imagine writing smut for woman but I will give it a try don’t hate me. Who cares you won’t buy it anyway will you ladies you will just find a way to steal it for 5 years and pretend it doesn’t exist all across Canada. Ladies don’t buy books from people that are full of shit. If you want one about someones real life I suggest this one you should buy it I been ripped off for 5 years.

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