Ideally I would run into a emotionally starved young lady

If there was a celebrity sitting at my table I will fail to recognize
them and if there is 3 or 4 yes doesn’t matter I will still fail. Its what I do then I will hint around a week or more later that I was with some people that had different names and even claim to know a bit about them. Its what I do. I’m useless get use to it. You hate me. And I think you still like strawberry daiquiri’s I hope I spelt that right. At twelve dollars a drink you really better be a celebrity or put out. Why do I buy free drinks for people. Whats wrong with me. Might as well give free cash away to people looking sad and broke. Sure what the hell. What a disappointing night. Male celebrities is not my niche but maybe if you were even less noticeable and had even more hair I might of noticed. You know I think the man likes being made fun of more than me. Its a start. Who knows who anyone is suppose to fake be these days. If I am going to pretend to notice any celebrity I am going to be dam sure its the right one. Which I will ask her in the morning if that ever happens. I am quiet the humorous and all talk no action perhaps its my charm. You should call me on that. I hate being cornered and talking up a storm only to realize I am really going to have to ruin my life instantly if this gets more obvious. Its scary not being me at times and learning about the things I never did a week ago.
Maybe that is me. Stop trying to make that me as well. Unless it
really could be me. Then what the hell. I’m never going to California
though so this is kind of a mute point. Maybe Washington though lets be professional about this. I would hate to learn about the last time I had sex too in some magazine tabloid. How would they know. I spend hours going through these magazines trying to get all the angles of women celebrities faces right so if I ever do see one I’ll no. It never helps. I have no idea why. I am better at voices. I can recognize a voice through a crowd much better than a look and that’s when I have you. I mean notice you. Its very frustrating handful of celebrities that turn your back to me constantly when I try to look at you 30 meters a way and stare at a building wall. I’m probably right. Whats the worst that I will do anyway approach and plan a screw. Well that’s the goal of the chapter anyway. Maybe I should give up on famous actress’s its just too difficult. Perhaps I should focus on the more intellectual celebrities in the music industry. Anyone smiling? I put allot of work into getting things wrong around here and hate when people notice.
How do you get into a celebrity screw too if every time you
notice one she drops off the top 10 list. Perhaps the rule, if shes on
Vancouver Island or the Lower Mainland and I notice her that’s it no top 10 rating. There are some bars all throughout BC that claim to have top 40 artists too I hear. Unfortunately I’m never there and have no idea who might ever be in there. I think its fact that if I ever think I see something it disappears off the cool list fast. I wonder what that bar is like in Merrit, BC so far all I have is this stool and it seems to prefer younger men. Maybe if my stool was labeled lesbians only It would get more action. Is dragging a stool somehow some patented technique too. I would hate to look too cool or heaven forbid young and convince a young celebrity that’s victim to loneliness and chronic young male asshole disease to leave with me. That would be should a upset I probably would get dragged out of the next bar by some group of 20 year old men and beaten. Eventually girls become women and tire of young assholes and that’s perhaps why this is done. Ideally I would run into a emotionally starved young lady that lacks a father figure and constantly surrounded by punks. This is the ideal set of conditions where her lack of sensibility might forgo the age discrepancy and I might strike with a series of forward contact resulting in my inevitable ARREST?┬á Hang on a second here. You have to be careful there its why I never go in there any more. Did I mention I was banned from two local bars in town.

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