Celebrities screw us another way by being dead beats

I think the music industry is to blame. All other avenues of royalties be it for books or movies seem to have a positive nomenclature. The music industry seems to be able to say whatever they want with no visible balance of the enormous debt they are creating with no need to ever cover it. I can’t help wanting to get paid as I don’t want to end up homeless and heaven forbid I actually want to own my own home one day. How is it that a good person can be treated like shit as long as this. You would think after five years someone would try and make a difference. Its really sad that no matter how many times I complain no one ever sees the light. All it takes is that one really rich person to make a difference. Forget I said that. All the voices need to get there heads examined and pay up. Does it really take the threat of felony charges for some of these people to understand intellectual theft is wrong. Why is it that the music industry is so great at taking care of there people financially that once the ball is in motion popularity is really a mute point. Perhaps somehow you have to be rich to start out with and there is more to this than I really understand. There
are so many profit sharing ideas out there with music but nothing
designed to protect authors. Lawyers refuse to talk to me and readers
refuse to pay me. Why even bother. When they ask you why you wrote a book it really becomes obvious after five years of not getting paid it must be for myself. No sane man would put so much of there heart soul and potential information all of which seems to be used against you free of charge to whoever wants to use it to cause me pain. These people are idiots. Why sell them a book. Maybe the people caught with it really deserve there fate. Heaven forbid you be put in jail for a book. But if its a felony I guess one would have the right too. Maybe it would be like a excuse to pick up on all the other theft a person is doing. Maybe you have to have a certain level of fraud before its noticed. Maybe then Icould get washed to the waistside as murder, extortion, blackmail and fraud get headlines as I finally can get paid. I fear celebrities are behind this since I think I don’t see so many of them.
Not that celebrities screw the world over by getting away with
the previous mentioned illegal activities. I can’t get paid doesn’t seem to be a really good excuse. Why can’t a honest law abiding person get the wheels in motion. Celebrities shouldn’t use there fame to screw us regular guys out of becoming you guessed it famous. Celebrities
shouldn’t spend so much time hating the fact that they are history and the real popularity lies with someone with much more talent charm and marketability. As well while your at it stop selling my book. Heaven forbid I find out that the law is using my book as a weapon against me refusing to admit it exists simply because they themselves are the problem. Celebrities screw us another way by being dead beats. They refuse to pay the real unless in some way we get on board the fantasy train that they believe to be the real world out of spite and hopelessness.
Honestly guys and gals I really am sorry if you thought I was
going to talk about the various celebrity women I screwed you should of asked me first. My love life is fairly inconsistent of as late and it would seem that I’m just not on board with the gravy train. If I am the gravy train and no one has enough courage to admit that I’m sorry I have been so abused and used. Oh poor me. I feel so sorry for being myself I could cry what will I ever do if I can’t be myself. Maybe I could be you or someone else more or less completely unattached with reality. Good for you for tricking me into believing I was in some way popular. Maybe I should of called this chapter when celebrities attack. That might be more accurate. If you do have an idea that’s profitable they just might be attacking you by stealing as much as long as they can forever until enough of them grow a conscious. Not that anyone reading this book without me getting a commission would indicate the very incompetent nature of this system. How could a officer of the law also be so stupid that they would have a unpaid copy of something in there hands and try arrest someone for something in its pages.

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