Celebrities might not be the smartest people in world

I shouldn’t have to sue people and complain constantly that money is required to live and the fact you think you deserve so much and I nothing is wrong. Some celebrities seem to saturate too much of there time preventing people that deserve to ous there much needed recognition and money. This eventually will bite you in the ass. If you find it easier to read my book to get to know me than actually get to know me then chances are your probably a celebrity. Another celebrity screw is the manipulation of dumb people that don’t realize they are around celebrities. If your a typical old dumb guy with no clue as to the popular current scene in California chances are
you might be recruited by a celebrity and not know it. I have no idea
who fits this mold. Celebrity shills might be the mainstay of overall
celebrity status. If you have a way of buying people to crowd source you chances are you might be a celebrity.
Celebrities might also screw us by starving us for affection or
completion of the progression of friendship or forming a relationship.
By surrounding us with there image constantly, maybe even people that look similar or just constantly being around us but remaining
untouchable might take the cake. This might be the cruelest when
repeated over and over again starving us of any real relationship but
always being there reassuring us we can’t touch. Being untouchable and starving us emotionally is just another way they attack us. They usually are the weakest when it comes to this but for some reason the celebrity always seems to have a selection of young men or woman at there disposal to keep them from suffering sexually. We on the other hand seem to be forced to suffer there untouchable nature constantly so much so eventually we might react. That is probably the fear of some. I think celebrities fear a real relationship where they have to reveal there life stories to another person that will accept them for better or worst. How on earth is that scarey but to a celebrity it seems to be impossible. Some celebrities even seem machine like emotionless and even robotic in there daily activities to protect them from falling in LOVE. Shes dead. Celebrities might not be the smartest people in world and ones love for you might even be used as a weapon. Finding your book in ones hands might be the ultimate go fuck yourself. They would deny even having read one page of it let alone the whole thing. I think if a celebrity has
your book they might as well be staring at a blank page with your name on it. Maybe royalty swapping might be in order when caught red handed. Suddenly what one celebrity expects to take in every month in royalties can now be handed over to a much more deserving person. I stole lots. Of woman’s hearts. Maybe its to be expected. Am I being punished for even being desirable in some perverse waldo’s world of royalties. Is the thought of giving yourself completely to another man so objectionable a strategy of starving them emotionally for months is put in place by a inner group of woman. Heaven forbid. GIVE ME SOMETHING! It seems like it really doesn’t matter what celebrities do they get away with everything. To be honest I am starting to get really hungry heaven forbid I turn into a low morality sex starved easy that’s job is to fluff the pillows and go home with the horniest woman. Shes there. Dam those idiot boys. I really wish I didn’t fall in love with a image of something that doesn’t exist. Its like myself I fall in love with eyes and the package doesn’t seem to matter. If the eyes are right I seem to forget it looks wrong. Then I suppose they will start wearing colored contacts making my life even more difficult. I don’t know her. Perhaps the nail polish is whatI am waiting for, or legs that only I find sexy and others believe has a knee the size of a basketballs. Wow is this text ever messed up. Sorry about that guys.
Celebrities really need to cut me some slack and start accepting
me. Stop talking about yourself. Whatever. Life can’t always be about
you. That’s how your living. Seriously. So its like that. Who cares.
Other than the financial screw celebrities use there fame to get away with pretty much all kinds of negative equity.

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