All I need is another hug

If there own stupidity is about to put them in a world of
financial hurt chances are only a group member would be able to come up with it that quickly. Wait a second you might of expected this much from another chapter well maybe you should just end this young lady bend over and take it like a man. GOD I am so sorry I wandered away from you I repent of my sins the only way a non-catholic or non-christian would. I will pray to the unknown GOD and hopefully when its all said and done I will be back in your good graces. Fuck off.
Speaking of big bank accounts powered by a magic that can
never be drained how the hell are you. Hows the home in Africa. Did
you know that it might be considered treason to own a home there wait the wars over. Good job you won again. Hey this could be anyone if you fit the mold please tell me who you are. I think the best thing about never mentioning someones name in creating a what if scenario is the fact multiple people always think your talking about them. Its quite possible I am so generic hundreds of people think I am talking about them. Good for you for believing your that popular. Right now I hope the deluge of people that I still don’t know that randomly show up and never speak might suddenly stop. Its nice to have at least one consistent neighbor you know now a bunch of houses that keep changing ownership. It’s a bit irritating knowing that no one is interested in getting to know you and that there will never be a consistent ownership of the homes all waterfront not too far from yourself. You have to be wealthy though. How else would you purchase these things over and over again. I wonder how my neighbors do it. They never seem to have steady jobs or go to work they just all seem to randomly change all the time and are
independently wealthy. Again I wonder if the cable company is behind this. I know what your thinking. Why would you care if all your
neighbors have a easy life. I don’t It’s just aggravating feeling that
cosmic you didn’t deserve your wealth vibe that comes over me from
GOD himself when I see them. I wish when I actually deserve wealth it makes to me and not intercepted by this type of people. Its not fair to say I am judging you anyway just know GOD himself is if you feel better. So what if the only way GOD can talk to you is through me. Perhaps you feel it too to some degree and wonder if I am on to you and those phoney baloney checks you write yourself drawn on a fictitious bank that somehow clears for you. I love you. Who care your full of shit. Don’t lie you know that will happen again. And lastly because I am.
Again we talked about this earlier what the hell do you need
from me. The birthdays close enough the birthmark on my stomach the fact I can read your mind. What do I have to do float around on a cloud and walk across the water in your pool. I’m just kidding but whatever your right for thinking it. Any who where was I. Now I remember I had some good ideas in the show that day. BTW that was me and yes he did have some very good ideas. Again sorry that was me and yes the count is bing on with the loonies. The tip was big I was proud of her. You will understand one day. The problem with most of us is we have lost our faith in GOD. I know what your thinking. Who is this guy to be talking about GOD. Well the fact I survived New Orleans a week after I left GOD dam near wiped it out. Heaven forbid again he had saw enough through my eyes. Well someone had to claim to be him for a day. Anyone of us could be the guy. How long can you hold him is the question before you go mad or get checked into a clinic. Lately I hear nothing unless I really put my mind to it and actively listen. I seem to have been able to block out the personal mind invasion I believe is the reason people can’t stand me. After all if I was wrong why would people take the hurt so personally. There must be something to this remote viewing. It must be that some of us posses this ability without technology. Here I go again is this true or am I once again full of shit. All I wanted was another hug.

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