Again LRAD might be trying to tell me something

THE GROUP does some pretty obvious and blatant ignorant
behavior when provoking people. I wonder if they have a picture of me somewhere so they know to do everything wrong to ensure they get caught. Its like these WOMAN want attention for some reason negative or positive either way since they control the economy and don’t allow hansom men to have jobs in the town. It really starts to anger you when you see woman over and over again take pride in stupidity and the illusion of power and control. The power and control ends when I leave the room ladies. Sorry. If you played your cards right I could have had sex with you and gave you a child to look after the rest of your life so you can remember how much control you have over me. Well thats my evil plan. Forcing a woman well at least one to succumb to my evil desires and control is my mission. If all goes well there will a be a financial reward that comes along with her. But you will never know since no one pays for anything and your full of shit am I right or am I right. How many times must a persons human rights be violated before someone writes them a big check and tells them they are dead in the system due to problems.
Stop electronically killing me in the system. I don’t want to live
my life alive either its too painful. Whats this dead man stuff they keep talking about at THE GROUP. What do they mean people are born dead.
Was I born dead. Am I turning dead. How can I be dead but still alive.
Does this mean I am dead in the system or just dead to THE GROUP’s system. A dead guy that’s living should have the ability to write checks for any amount he wants never having to look at his account and THE GROUP should have to pay for it. That’s my dream state. That way I can get another bank account to process said checks that are based in reality while THE GROUP waits for my next move. THE GROUP has done way too much damage to me at this point to get off the hook with anything. Too many people seem to become sadistic and focus on me. I hate being the focal point of hostile group members. They just don’t seem to get it. I will keep living there is nothing they can do that will result in me not living. I’m sorry if my living interferes with your system because you tried controlling my life. That basically is the problem.┬á Your not me. You don’t deserve to be me. And if you try being me again there are consequences to your actions of identity theft. When THE GROUP steals your identity it’s much more damaging to you than a regular person. Since they are trusted with more sensitive systems that are connected to many other systems some changes hurt you much more.
Maybe its time to join another group. I am not suggesting I am
given the power to do whatever I want financially as some kind of
punishment to the entire Canadian taxpayer. What if I can do it globally. Now your talking entire financial systems like the Nasdaq and Dow Jones. Wait a second I am waking up again. I could be hurt if people knew I had the ability. The problem is people that are evil that don’t want people like myself doing the right thing helping people. I think evil seems to pop up constantly assuming that they whoever they are control all the worlds real wealth. The same two percent of the population it would seem who believe they are above the law or at least all the other people. I don’t believe this to be true. With all the human rights violation THE GROUP has done to me it would easier to believe me to be not human at all. Sort of like a going away prize. Not thatI am going away. Again LRAD might be trying to tell me something in real-time here. Wait what was that, without me giving you step by step instructions on how to ruin my life you could never have ruined it so well in the first place. You don’t say. Why spy on me in the first place and annoy me with sleep depriving and mood altering ultra-sonic, ultra-high, and ultra-low sound waves. It’s admitting that all or some of this stuff is actually happening when things become dangerous not for me but THE GROUP. There is always another group that thinks they are smarter and have a way to monitor if these things are actually happening.

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