Again I must use the word murder

But no all I seem to get is drive byes glares and awkward meetings where I have seconds to realize what is going on. The daddy call was a nice touch whoever you are though. Good one you got me thinking about that. I wish I had more time to think about things I should call back and ask him to put mommy on the phone. What was I thinking. Obviously I’m getting somewhere at least then I would know. Besides my other son that doesn’t exist yet or ever is probably in New York. I told you this chapter is full of shit don’t believe anything in it because its 100% written by you guessed it the son of a bitch I forgot what I was going to put here. Life sure is confusing.
Don’t skip ahead this should blend nicely into celebrity screw
which I promise is basically full of shit since I will never mention a
celebrity. Your welcome. Besides considering I never leave BC the
chances of me getting screwed by a celebrity that has spent her entire life on the run is basically 0. Mind you I hate to ruin this for you but lately I think they are all screwing me over. I never understood why anyone would devalue my advice on dating. Don’t waste your time have the child and force her deal with you the rest of your life. Women don’t deserve the option of getting away from a situation that they deem bad simply because men don’t make 100 grand a year.
Whats the deal with home prices these days. Anyone that wants
over 400 grand for a home must be full of shit. I hate to tease anyone that might know me because “I’m Famous!” or at least I’m told since the person that told me this doesn’t seem to notice any celebrities at all and is really good at it. Perhaps its the charm of knowing this person. If you are eating a strawberry cupcake and trying to sober up with a coffee thinking about when you last buried a man in some remote place and I can hear you thinking about it I’m sorry. If it was a woman I wouldn’t even of mentioned it. Unless of course you made her dig the hole herself. That’s just cruel. Again I must use the word murder you never know when some random person reads my book and confesses to something just because I used the term relentlessly and they broke down. Unless of course the comment was basically full of shit. Murder is something you best marry into. Perhaps its my take that murders are best when they marry each other after the event which makes me point out how efficient the RING LEADERS are. Murder for someone that is full of shit might become a event that’s nearly tolerable and after knowing about it longs for it to happen again. GOD will smile down on you and JESUS suck up too murderers. If you are capable of murder and want it too happen again that is. If GOD wants you to be with him that bad this really needs to be taken into consideration, just end it. GOD will claim all of our souls when the time is right and redeem them if we are worthy.
Unless your a murderer. Satan basically is waiting for you and has a few ideas he wants to run past you. She did. Thanks.
GOD almighty was that previous paragraph full of shit. I thought It was going to be about hugs but turns out I was full of shit.
Asians don’t understand people that have a low opinion about
themselves. Or is this full of shit too. Maybe that’s racist. Well the
entire Comox Valley, BC is but they been getting away with it for years the employment stats don’t lie. I’m 40 male I don’t exist. Nor do I have a job basically because I don’t exist. If I existed I would have a much better chance at finding work. The reason I don’t though is because there is 0 percent chance of finding it here. Which is why I don’t exist. I need a hug take a look at the real time census data. Its just me and these guys. Not only that, I think one dude wants to become a woman and I don’t blame him at least then he will find a job.
Why do people need to pretend that they are nice if in reality
they are assholes. Why is it if you speak your mind your also a asshole. I have noticed that the only way to keep your popularity if you had one before going into a group is to not speak at all.

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