Who do you have to sleep with

Sometimes they waste a great deal of your time too hours even
running you through elaborate introductory sessions maybe even a slide show. Everything always comes off as this is a powerful well organized company with no money. After all isn’t that why we are there in the first place to give our banking information away so they can steal your identity. Go for the gusto I say if your going to commit fraud be the best at it. If your a corrupt authority figure your in the best position to abuse your trust and get away with it the longest. I am not looking for trouble.
It just keeps looking for me.
Who do you have to sleep with to find stable private employment in the Comox Valley, BC Canada. Surely there has to be someone I can ask that’s female that would find me mildly attractive enough for sexual relations. The ring leaders must have a front. They have to be more accessible and easy to find. I need to establish a minimum though a certain weight and looks maybe a bra size too and requirements on cuteness of face. I am in no way going to get stuck with someone not even in my league. Not saying I’m awesome but I have noticed that in this place all the woman that haven’t moved in this area over 30 seem to fit into a category. From my experience the best looking ones seem to be younger from the Comox, BC area and pair off and leave fairly quickly. I wonder if the ring leaders have some secret recruiting staying set up for cute girls educated in this area and bread to leave by age 25. The ones that stay are all employed and well lets be honest less attractive but hey fellas they got a good stable job. But that’s the problem isn’t it they do and we don’t. Pay no attention to the reality a woman will show up eventually and change it anyway but just not where I have to go to get discriminated against its way to physically challenging. Too obvious again that everything that’s available for a man is hundreds of miles away and involves a ferry and a move and impossible cost. While all the woman seem to have work lock step at minimum minutes from where they live. Discrimination for all men becomes so obvious in the Comox Valley, BC you really do wonder why nothing is done about it. Woman’s groups like WE BELONG litter the landscape but when I volunteer for work or send hundreds of resumes out or get in touch with leagues or social events everything has a cost. Its like everything for men costs dearly the income is impossible to acquire and jobs are reserved for only women. Again I am still waiting for the information I asked for regarding demographics of employed woman vs men and whether they work full or part time and if its THE GROUP or private positions. I doubt I will ever get a truthful answer but I fear its in the high 80 percent for all woman if not hirer. Get it hirer well except if its a man over 25. I also asked to see the ages I fear again there is a vacuous void for all men 40-50. I exist and it seems no one wants to be me or live here.
I wish I knew how the long range acoustical device projects the
sound at me continuously some days. Is it by satellite or by wireless
tower or maybe my neighbors have a panel and get paid by the NSA or some other place where they do something just because it can be done like annoy someone to death. Which is basically what they are trying to do which means everything projected on these devices are exactly that death threats. I’m sick of hearing this stuff myself. Why do people commit evil. Did I make these same people look like fools at some point in there life and this is there revenge. I’m sure this is the motive. I can’t seem to think of any other reason a complete stranger would constantly annoy someone with sound unless they were paid by some place to do so by a loser. You would have to be a loser to annoy someone with sound now I can come up with many reasons listening to them might be required but projecting sound is for retards. There is nothing I need to hear from a loser. Basically this would make all my neighbors losers by default if they are projecting sound.

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