Slum landlords have their standards

Sometimes I feel sorry for people and leave magazines out to help them recognize who they are with.
You will never find me in a magazine thank GOD. I am getting
kind of lazy these days though maybe there is a homeless magazine out there I could get into. Park benches all over the world sporting famous bums. Well this is no way to find yourself with ring leader potential. Being homeless would have to be the farthest thing you could do to secure marriage. I am old fashioned I guess I just want to get the home and job on my own before the woman. Its just so tough living out in Union Bay, BC for my entire life. You can’t get any local jobs and you can’t find work off Vancouver Island unless you actually live there. Moving seems to be the problem. You can’t be in two places at the same time. How many rentals can you ask to rent only to be harassed when you need a place to sleep immediately. The act of moving itself is impossible these days. You have to fill out a form wait for approval background checks references. Whats wrong with people these days. Is this the type of system you put in place to keep those nasty homeless people homeless. I think this has to be the problem. In order to rent a slum you need to be of the right caliber of tenant. After all we don’t want someone of low intelligence or stature in the community causing problems for a slum landlord. Slum landlords have there standards and charge what they do as a service to the roach community and they do this to ensure a safe environment. Or is it to harass good people that need a
place to stay and being attacked by THE GROUP.
Well it happened again yesterday. I run into a judgmental old
dying fart that appeared useless in stature. Hard to believe I know. He
was pale in color I nice greenish pale gray I believe it was. Perhaps
GOD was ensuring his liver failing do to his fake personality. I believe
some people just aggravate to prove that they can affect your life. Or
some of these old farts just revel in the fact they are dying dripping
thousands of dollars in savings and confident they will never share
anything. I really wanted to throw a bottle of niacin at this guy just to
see him get some color in his skin. Of course why educate people on
how to increase blood flow capillary action circulation and liver health. Some of these old guys look like they just fell out of a hospital bed to me I pray to god when I get that age I don’t neglect my health as bad. Anyone else walk 400 kms a week. I doubt many do or have. Its difficult to walk more than 20kms in the baking hot 30 degree Celsius sun too without taking 1 hour at least break and 250ml of water. Lets not get crazy here. I hate the fact that I lost my life to one targeting police officer. My car, license and possessions in the vehicle gone because of one guy. I think he was a ring leader. What if his wife was a health care provider or nurse. Perhaps the intel is given out daily on how this problem or (target) is and how easy it would be to hurt living out in Union Bay, BC to prevent it from entering town. Could it be the motivating factor to inhibit my movement. Maybe ring leaders get married to ensure that they can launder THE GROUPS money easier.
Don’t join THE GROUP or become a PRETENDER and most
definitely don’t become a ANIMAL just to become a ring leader.
Lets embrace the fact there’s no forward preface and
other things full of shit violating my human rights I don’t mean that how it sounds. Basically I am isolated lonely and desperate for hugs. I think more or less the lack of interacting with anyone having no transportation whatsoever and extremely inconsistent bus service is to blame. The buses are expensive inconsistent undependable and liars. There is suppose to be two buses a day that pass my rural area twice a day but they feel they don’t always have to do there job. Other than a unreliable bus there is no other transportation for me
after being confronted by police and having my license suspended for 90 days. Unfortunately we talked a bit about this earlier.

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