It would kind of be cool having a private jet

Nearly like heaven forbid we actually were pre-destined to meet for some reason. Apparently she couldn’t wait. Well in my mind she couldn’t but in reality she probably has a young man on the go. I wish I could put a name to her faces. I really have had the worst luck lately. Not thatI am needy but hey everyone needs a hug how rare they are these days. Hugs from dudes aren’t cool. However I have had them I would much rather get a austere handshake. I am not much into being tricked either. Who wants to be tricked by some hot chick that straps her voluptuous breasts and dresses as some dude and gives you a hug. Please like this has ever happened before but I am just throwing this out there. How do you hide a set of D’s though and maybe you just have one of those faces that could go either way. I hate any event in life that makes me think some chick is really a dude or some dude is really a chick. Life is too complicated but it comes in handy when your about to get your ass kicked for attempting to date the wrong person? Who knows and who cares but life is too complicated. I want simple. I want the type of girl that would long to be looked after and be faithful for life but does that even exist. So many woman are married and looking or suffer a broken heart from some loser
present company excluded. I dislike the thought that I am a hopeless
situation. I believe that when women get popular selling there royalties they get a movie deal and magazine shoot and men usually get prison. When a man gets right on copy write usually it seems to be disguised as some evil act of nutrition. When I think of my life in scientific terms I think of GOD and how mathematics and chemistry personify GOD.
Yeah I’m talking about myself I can do that. Well throw the book out the window then if you want me to write about someone else. Listen Lady this isn’t all about you. Wait a second. Never mind. Why do people keep calling me there is no point. I wish red lobster sold hugs at least then a make believe franchise in Canada would have a real product you could get. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.
Whats the deal with forwards and prefaces. First of all you
would have to have a friend that cared enough about you that a preface and forward would even look possible or heartfelt. “ I have friends “. Just no more best friends. The best friends always seem to be any friend I might try having until we dissolve our friendship because the other person has more important friends or places to be. I doubt I have a hidden group of friends I just don’t know about. Or do I? I wish my friends were a bit more physically here for me and less emotional and electronic. It would kind of be cool having a private jet to load up with fake friends and fly them around on it though. These kind of dreams could only be reserved for eccentric millionaires when lets face it I think we all know I would prefer a helicopter ride. I have one though its unimpressive. Much too small to put a girlfriend in. A dream as well of mine is having sex in a helicopter. It would have to have a black vail of course too wouldn’t want to excite the pilot. Of course yet again I probably wouldn’t know what to do if all my dreams came true. I feel that I seem to only have at most 10 seconds to act on my dreams and always at a disadvantage. Or when I have all the right conditions I seem to back out since I quickly realize It’s a all or nothing play. What ever happened to old fashioned dating too. You know the type of thing where a man and woman meet both with suspended licenses because police love us so much and just do things. No planning or arranging private meetings or micro dates. I don’t want to lose money just because there is no way to be popular heaven forbid I am. I really want to cash in so I can afford to wine and dine woman. Oh I want abundance baby so I can go on a hugging spree. I would start slow maybe get some woman that kind of likes me to GO ALL THE WAY IN and then back out leaving her longing so as next time shes so angry she tries to rape me. You know subtle type stuff. The phones no good for me I need to hypnotize a young woman practically with my voice and make her long for me.

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