Oh it keeps getting vulgar what to do

The Comox Valley, BC out of nearly all the cities I have
lived in has some of the most full of shit traffic infra-structure I have
ever seen. Turnabouts that don’t make sense. Cross walks which are
light controlled yet a median forces you to enter it with your own
volition yet the button is on the other part of the yield making you walk into a meridian inside traffic. Really stupid dangerous things like this makes me wonder how you basically would have to be stupid or full of shit to engineer it. Its easy to find one but I really could go on and on about stupid traffic controlled sections that make everyone look stupid as it violates law. Yet another one of my theories is bus stops. How is it there is no bus stops entirely along the route the buses are supposedly going for over 10kms of its travel between points. Again the plan to run a route with no stops yet again seems to be designed by someone full of shit. Not only that if you examine stops throughout the city you might notice they have people in place to change and install advertising yet no place to put your garbage. Very few garbage cans are even available around the city and very awkwardly placed places that have little to no foot traffic. You would think the bike paths might have more than two for 5kms of path. The placement of a garbage can outside a bar however with the city crest on it I think takes the cake. What about the public rest rooms as well. If you want to take a shit that’s fine but if you want to wash your hands and dry them off fat chance. The rest rooms throughout
the park have no soap no hand towels and have been like that for years.
Why is that. There are public hand sanitizing stations throughout the
mall , banks, restaurants but none in park bathrooms. There has to be a reason these people that take shits in the park bring there own soap and hand towels. Basically the people that say they work in the park must all by default literally be full of shit. I am tired of being full of shit which I was from some idiot that smeared fecal matter all over the hand rails of a bus in Aldergrove. I hate to change the topic again but lets talk about hugs.
Right now I could use a hug. I have received so few hugs lately
perhaps its why I have been describing so many people full of shit. I
don’t think I am the best looking person in the world or that I might have some sort of secret to getting hugs but there must be a way. I don’t sitting at home in a rural area typing on a keyboard is any way to get them either. Nor do I think hugs will be attained on long walks on my wilderness trails as I talk to myself. I know what your thinking. I can’t believe he talks to himself. I hate to stereotype myself as some
wannabee eccentric genius millionaire as I still haven’t got the latter part of that yet. Give me some time though. Maybe this book will stop
gathering dust on the shelf and I will be recognized to have some secret life changing knowledge exclusive to the happiness of women that will make me millions! Exciting. Now how about that hug. I know eh, I’m so simple minded. One good hug and I am good to go for another year or so. Forget about sex too. Yuck, forget about luring me in with sex if your a young woman particularly in her late 20’s early 30’s. I’ll never fall for it no matter how hard you try. Perhaps never use reverse psychology. I would hate to find out that really 50 shades of Gray really is my book in disguise. Can you imagine. My goodness I would nearly be a billionaire by now. My quest for world domination would well at hand. With that kind of money I could travel all across the world acquiring hugs randomly at secretive locations, no sex either no matter how much you beg ladies. Wow can I get away with that. I have met woman at times however that felt like they were melting. I like women that melt when you look at them. Sort of like when you discover your kryptonite to superwoman. I have run into certain ladies well one in particular that has a feel about her. Sort of like she is super saturated with life oozing cash and nothing but fun. I really don’t know who she is since every time I get close to her she seems to disappear quickly after that intense feeling.
Its weird its like “ Its all over “. I have never really melted myself with
any women I have dated and well there has been a few yet not dozens of them. This one stranger though seems to melt like she knows way too much about me and the meeting seems inevitable.

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