Maybe your boss is full of shit

This always happens on a Friday too so the weekend makes it impossible to physically go to a office for two more days. They really are the cruelest people when it comes to paying. THE GROUP is so full of shit at times they can keep there jobs through the most obvious harassment of the public. Again like I mentioned earlier it would seem that these people are usually kept on to be used as weapons against the population. I know what your thinking. This guy has turned into a real asshole. There must be some truth in this obviously I am just one man and so maybe you have fit the mold to be attacked by THE GROUP. Don’t become a victim either because you might be categorized as someone that’s ok to be attacked so it spirals out of control as more and more treat you poorly. Maybe setting a dangerous president is necessary to ensure the abuse stops. Confrontation and a stern warning that you know where
the problem is can clearly identify it and it can’t hide might stop it from reoccurring. You have to be careful that it isn’t perceived as a threat which could be punishable by law. On the other hand though who does the person think they are hiding and lurking in the shadows constantly attacking from a distance crippling a good person.
Don’t become full of shit. If you feel your integrity, dignity,
ethics or self esteem is under attack by someone full of shit let your
superior know. Don’t get stuck suffering people for years and years in a bad job. Your doing yourself a great dis-service enduring a person full of shit. Passive aggressiveness is the best form of attack to remove someone like this from the workplace. Don’t get caught in a physical confrontation with someone full of shit during work hours. If someone full of shit suddenly grabs your arm and your escorted from the workplace and your FOB is taken from you chances are your boss if full of shit and you were in the wrong place from the start.
Not only people are full of shit complete systems can be full of
shit. I know what your thinking. If your infrastructure is full of shit
chances are your town mayor was full of shit to make those changes.
Well lets pretend I’m wrong that’s what happens most of the time. A light that controls two lanes both turning right merging into another street might be considered full of shit. Two green arrows and a amber and stop light to prevent someone from making a right turn into a street when another light is green says to me your people are retarded and not full of shit. How stupid do you have to be to have two lanes that turn right into two other lanes that involve the left to make a illegal move across two lanes of traffic. I wish I could give you a retarded diagram as to why the lanes became retarded and a light needed in the first place. If people are running into other people because they fail to understand how to merge into one lane of traffic perhaps the light is full of shit. Either way this backs up traffic since now we assume everyone is so stupid they need a light to tell them when its physically impossible to hit a oncoming car for tiny time the intersection has 0 flow of traffic. I wonder if all mayors are as inconsistent as the bus that fails to go past my house 4 times a day.
Perhaps someone this full of shit should pretend he’s driving the
imaginary route all day. I guess the light doesn’t make much sense to me when any other time but rush hour are you waiting for a empty
intersection to become impossible to have traffic on it to allow you to
turn right. Of course it looks if more retarded when you can make one
right before it and a left and then merge onto it with a right at a stop sign where human beings are needed. Why leave the stop sign there I wonder. If your going to be stupid you should of removed the other sign. Its like people that are full of shit need to take the job after someone else full of shit each year just because to fix all the mistakes would cost too much. In absence of doing anything these people just seem to make poor decisions in everything they do. Its like they want to spend money but when they do they ultimately become full of shit. I hope all these people haven’t become so afraid of logic and my face they are even trying to help me find work in the lower mainland. That way I can be ruled out when something bad happens to someone leading enormous systems that are full of shit.

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