I miss Starbucks

How foolish would you be to hear someone complaining about you projecting sound and want to kick your ass. You really would have to have a death threat to keep looking for one so intently seeking out the weakest individuals that might react physically to the source. Of course physical confrontation usually is a weakness of the mind or last resort. I think after getting your ass kicked the chances of you doing the same thing again is less. Unless again your a agency that has infinite resources that can pay idiots to re offend constantly which is the goal of your agency. Think about it. Is that whats happening somewhere in some twisted parallel universe. Don’t
look down on people seems to be what losers project the most. Well I
suppose my answer is try not to be on the floor beneath then. You sort of have to look down on someone when your on the top floor of a apartment Wednesday July, 19th 5:30pm 2015, I hate her shes disgusting I never want to see her again she makes me want to throw up inside. I see her face and a ungodly cold feeling courses through my limbs, we’re sure. I have no idea what ring leader would have the foggiest idea what I am talking about but for hate like this it helps having three or four guys corroborate your hate. I want the old hatred back from when I was 12 but its changed and the feelings will never be wait a second disgusting I feel like I want to throw up inside she makes me ill what a awful awful.
No dark tall coffee I always get them, no I know, I know its a cool cap eh no makes me look like I work there. I miss Starbucks I am always there usually but times are tough hanging out in places where I am never seen in real time. Lets face it I am probably at the beach with no one. How could you ever feel good about spying on someone that wishes you were 12 years old again. What kind of sick pathetic garbage of a man reverts into some child like state where he wants to see some mixed up friend he never had wear a black mini skirt and leather brown bomber jacket and smoke a cigarette on the deck of BC FERRIES. I hate her always have. I never get my way. If I had my way she would of never became a shrubby and dated all those gay guys in the first place. That’s right if I was her manager and not her father I would of focused on sculpting her career which was the most important thing to her parents at that age to loving some cool author. I have no idea put some other chicks name there.
Where was I. Oh yes. I remember now. Sparkly nail polish
from 1986 a good year. Maybe I should be gay since I relate nearly
everything to some kind of homosexual reference in another country. Or is that DSL. After all if I was describing things I think I hear who really would agree with me. Now a imaginary girlfriend maybe that’s where its at. The ring leaders wouldn’t know what hit them if I just assumed I was married to a imaginary girlfriend I created and gave a different name continually just to throw everyone off. Of course this woman would have to regress into a child like state every time she sees me fall madly in love with me and panic running away for dear life. I’ve changed though what if my imaginary girlfriend doesn’t think I am sexy enough for her.
Maybe now that I am forty things are different and she is happy with her 12 children and her 19 year old boyfriends with the good pumper. Wow did I really say that. I guess I did. OMG then I could get
EVERYTHING! How embarrassed I would be inheriting a make believe wealth in holy cow how many 0’s is that. My family is lucky to be alive. Who would fall in lust with someone over money though. Thank god I promised to write smutty according to my table of contents. Give me some time ladies I’ll get to the part where I thrust my mammoth meat hammer or a prodigious gallus into your strawberry shortcake love muffin.
Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh
yes Oh yes Oh yes. Two hours later. My wrists were hurting from all the typing. Particularly my right wrist due to the mouse obstructing my arm chair.

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