Fuzzy Bunny Slippers with Ears Agency

I definitely don’t expect there to be some kind of cult like
following my make believe Fuzzy Bunny Slippers with Ears Agency in
which I am the director of. Furthermore I don’t expect them to be
familiar with military tactics to inhibit movement and enforce borders. Borders of natural bodies of waters should be enough to establish no go zones. I have found natural boundries clearly the best way to mark these out. If you come across one of my Gimbletzer wheels chances are you deep inside Fuzzy Bunny with Ears headquarters which most definitely is not defined by buildings.
I think we are making some real progress today young lady.┬á Oh I know what your thinking. I am not building up into some mystical crime novel here I am just telling you how it is. I don’t seem to
get much help in the way of social development. I don’t see how I could ever become initiated into the ring leaders firstly since I don’t see myself getting married and secondly because I just having found the right job yet. I’m sure if the right job comes along one day and everyone seems cool and honest and the wage is right just maybe the right girl will come along. Just as long as she doesn’t have a orgasm and then run off because the feeling scared her and she gets confused and think its some kind of pain. Yeah lets not go through that again shall we. I doubt many people much care if I have a dozen imaginary friends or just one. I have found myself watching TMZ lately though to see if any knew celebrities make there way into the news. You never know when the next might run over someone with a car. Which again coincidentally someone hit me with on cliffe avenue in Courtenay not too long ago. Not hard enough to throw me off my bike but still there was contact. If anyone see’s a plate with
H49 or HN9 or H4N driving around wrecklessly which doesn’t even exist in the sequence of BC plates call them in for me will you. Some idiot that obviously works for THE GROUP is looking for some negative attention maybe you should give them some. I wonder if when something happens more than once accidentally if it becomes obvious someone really is trying to run the same guy over. I am not saying that everyone with that previous plate sequence should be instantly pulled over and license suspended but they desperately need someone to observe there behavior a bit closer. You know ensure they really aren’t running people down constantly and just going home at the end of the day with no one noticing. Oh this just in apparently its not ok to insult anyone you don’t know. So if I just sense someone is a complete fool and hurting people all day long I should resist the urge to scream obscenities at them and hang up the phone. I suppose you think its a good idea to just patiently listen to there smug pompous arrogance as they talk for hours. Well this might be somewhat plausible if I actually made the phone call to wherever these maniacs worked. You can’t just redirect my call to some place on earth and I just start taking abuse and completing whatever stupid plan you have for me. Time is money and these people just expect you too hand over all your information to them because they intercept your call. Most the other companies that save you long distance charges seem to just put the charges to your phone company not double verify your install. Whatever turns your crank I suppose. Undoubtedly again India seems to field this tech support glitch.
They seem to do all the jobs that involve tech support forced or
otherwise. Even if they forwarded my phone call to some famous woman I pretend to have some remote interest in her talents I expect
better. I can’t see through these accents they should be easier to
understand. Also I should be able to examine who I am talking to closer to see if there the real deal. I would hate to yell at the wrong woman. After all what if I was to bump into her late at night in the forest I would want to make sure her voices were correct before carrying on. Its a dangerous place out there you have to be careful. Also I am curbing my drinking now after the incident. I just have too much fun and that’s frowned upon.

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