Full of Shit

I believe that was just a attack basically and that might be best described as a full of shit stop targeting me. There was no reason to pull me over other than the fact his buddies were inside watching me. Basically he would be full of shit. This might be for a variety of reasons. Again my theory of nagging ignorant cruel wife or girlfriend in healthcare forced him to behave in a full of shit manner.
I’m not going to find hugs at the courthouse or social assistance
office or post office. I do seem to find more and more people full of shit. A more classic full of shit person is elderly men. When someone less of a man than you competes in their own mind with you it can become humorous. They earn the full of shit rating as no matter how physically incapable of competing with you in there minds they are supermen. Some of these old guys that are all mouth can get to you. Be careful not to react to them as it is just a waste of breath since in there mind they are stronger smarter and faster than you. Reality never gets in the way of these men since proving themselves is never required they just can beat you at any challenge. Intelligence has nothing to do with it either or planning ahead and actually doing the task. Smile and nod when you run into these guys. Don’t let their irrational behavior get to you. Even if they can’t even walk to the end of their own property line without complaining about leg or hip pain in their mind they can walk 120 kms with no breaks and 80 pound pack. Someone has to love these old fools too it just doesn’t have to be me. Most likely these men have become this way because of the lack of having to do anything. Let me explain. These old guys are full of shit because they were ring leaders. As part of the baby boomer generation these guys led the pack in marriage with wives that cooked and cleaned for them and babied them for years. They
simply have to do nothing they are fed burped and financial rob there
wives of all money too keeping them as prisoners to serve them. Heaven forbid I ever treat a future wife like that. I am still young enough to treat a woman like a queen providing I find a job which for me seems to be the stumbling block. Someone that seems to be full of shit seems to be controlling the process and again makes me spend $200 bucks at least just to go on the interview 600 miles away. I think that’s why they are full of shit. It gets hard to come up with $200 every time some loser pretends they have a job for you and you have to return back jobless. You can’t find a place either easily since you can’t physically keep going places when you barely have enough for the rent. These people are so full of shit its just how business is done. Suddenly its feast or famine too. Why do these people that are all full of shit contact me all the same time. I have been applying for hundreds of jobs yet suddenly after nothing for 7 months they all call all the same time. Its always so difficult too they never call me and say Hi Kevin we have this awesome job for you in the Comox Valley, BC! Never does that happen its always miles away in another place usually a 1 hour 15 or 40 minute boat right to the lower mainland. BC Ferries is the killer. They seem to be behind everything. I find it strange every time someone full of shit seems to give me a temporary job miles away too it never lasts. Two days. Wow I won’t even mention the name. As well why are these people that are full
of shit always moving Gordon Food Products. BC Ferries and Gordon
Food Products seem to work together in some kind of unholy union of private meets THE GROUP alliance. I see trailers and trucks parked outside A&W in Courtenay, BC constantly where my father frequents.┬á Heaven forbid I can draw a connection to my pain and suffering. If I have a son I will make sure that everything I do for him will never come off as being full of shit. I want to make sure I have his best interest at heart. I really do dislike mentioning a companies name unless I’m absolutely sure its been proven without a shadow of a doubt its full of shit. The GROUP uses its very life to annoy you when all else fails. THE GROUP will use disgusting lives as a weapon.

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