Full of crap

They shut the Safeway down in Courtenay, BC about two years ago I wonder if they too were proven to be all full of shit. Heaven forbid it be proven to be racist. Wait a second were there way more women employed where I was for two days! Again people that are full of shit hate the facts. In many cases it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are you will never maintain a job. Full of shit people can actually be used as a weapons against highly competent people. Perhaps it gets embarrassing seeing someone so highly competent and knowledgeable about suppliers and how they already do business they can’t tolerate themselves. I know if I might be as bold to shine a light on a better way of doing reputable business I wouldn’t terminate someone with the idea. Why would anyone go out of there way to make life more difficult for themselves.
Not only old guys are full of crap in many cases youth seem to be
the problem and most full of shit. The under 25 crowd seem to have a
full of shit attitude as well. I mentioned earlier where I went on over 14 interviews during my 7 months with nearly all of them being with young men and few women that were full of shit. Nearly all of them consistent of males 20—30 with little to no experience in what I do. Its difficult to keep long term employment on my particular lift. It almost seems anyone that runs a Raymond Reach with side shift gets handicapped when looking for work. You can get super fast on these and productive and I constantly seem my machine get handicapped. They cone the tilt and side shift or weird out the controls by reversing or putting you on a diagonal. This automatically takes me from maybe 4000 skids a day to 500 maybe. Now I have to relearn everything. I have no idea why they do this other than to cripple my production. THE GROUP loves to make life difficult for me and I am unsure as to why the sadism is needed. Whats the motivation for making someones life more difficult. I don’t want to make your life more difficult and if you tell me how I might be doing just so I definitely don’t keep doing that. Full of shit people don’t like me. They know that there lack of dignity or caring for anyone or anything has ensured that they will never cost the company money with
such a silly thing like ethics. Ethics just gets in the way of production
and profits. Having to go that extra mile for a person will just get in the way long term.
When my human rights are violated by someone that’s just plain
full of shit I tend to get offended. A good example is when someone
goes out of there way to make your life difficult. Sometimes we get
smart as to how someone might be using us and we close things which THE GROUP might be using. Bank accounts might make it easy for THE GROUP to hide the physical location of there laundry. If you get direct deposit its much more convenient than a physical check. Recently I changed from an account with the highest fees in the banking industry to a bank with the lowest fees in the industry. I think this might have thrown some red flags. The bank I chose has very few branches and not even one on Vancouver Island which I think is awesome. By limiting the places THE GROUP members can physically hide there deposits I can easily trap them and reveal there identities. I think that’s great. To finally get to see the idiot that is making your life difficult that may or may not be less of a man than yourself which might be why they choose to make your life difficult. I wish there was some way it was legal to push some of these full of shit people around to ensure it never happens again. Some of these guys are violent from what I hear which might make this interesting. A reality check might be required. My particular predicament is that I have no transportation and my bank is located 400 kms away separated by a ferry. A walk of 17 kms is necessary or waiting half a day for a bus that might not be there just to cash it at a ATM. Unless your a full of shit group member that requests a physical stamp just to set up a direct deposit. These people really are something else. They have nothing in life to live for except to make your life difficult. Even after giving them the direct deposit information they wait over 2 weeks just to fail your deposit and require a signature after the due date.

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