I managed to evade detection

As well the younger man are absolutely infuriated when
they see how horrible I am with the younger women. I’m sorry boys I
will just try to be less sure of myself and how ungrateful young woman are. Again I must say these boys probably can give all these young women the best rocking time of their lives and I would never cut the mustard. I have run into a few young charming men that definitely made it clear to me I did not deserve the young woman instructing me to sit in the corner closely beside her so there was no way to escape other than through her. Obviously she was grossly intoxicated and I in some way with my disgusting obsessive persistent abusive behavior forced her to actually physically lead me into a offensive position. Charming young men. They quickly instructed me how I was upsetting the lovely young woman and to get up and leave when they unfortunately discovered how
clever I was to put myself in the position I was in. This has happened to me once before 17 years ago or so. I managed to evade detection long enough to administer some hypnotic suggestion to some inebriated young woman to tolerate me company. I hate to see young men with little to no charm or grace litter the landscape at some establishments to the point the testosterone boils over in a tepid pool of incendiary sulfur. They lack the momentum of a older steady hand which might guide a ntoxicated female to lose some sensibilities to the point where she might agree to a night cap or later social event. These young men aren’t ring leaders that’s a no brainer. Nothing permanent is going to come from a group of aggressive undependable violent air heads looking to disrupt another mans relaxation. Even if its their sister. Who goes to the bar with their sister anyway. Weird. Its a good thing I hardly ever drink when I am there most the time.
My family is a good example of ring leaders. My sister paired
off when she was 16 or 17 got married and has been happily married for 27 years or so now. My parents have been married for over 40 years and I have been unlucky as to join this category. Both my previous examples have rung true as it were since both have had husbands that have come into money right after marriage it seems to be. Kind of proving my theory. Magically after marriage my father maintained a good job for nearly as long as my days on earth or longer. As for my sister her husband has seem to edge out a living as well soon after he tied the knot as well. To me big windfalls of money seem to coincide with marriage. I wonder if the world monitors these events and somehow rewards men for there bravery or misfortune into holy matrimony. I don’t think its any secret that over 95% of bank tellers are female at least in North America.
Could this phenomenon be one of the reasons marriage unlocks a secret wealth we can draw upon for the rest of or time once we marry. What if these rings leaders become like super hereos at some financial institutions. Maybe these people hold there ring hand tightly and raise it towards the sky when they enter Hercules style and a super financial strength grips there bank account giving it the strength of over 10 ordinary men. Now what happens to the women working there suddenly do they just quit now they have sighted the prize and can indiscriminately queue a follow through transaction when there husbands get paid. I really am curious as to how this works since maybe one day I will find a teller of my own to pay jobamony to for the rest of my life. Then if all works well I can secure my job for life with a child to ensure that all my commitments are guaranteed. Seems fairly consistent to what I have seen happening around me so far. I being a single man seem to be seen as the enemy in some of these workforces. I show up with no wife no baby on the way and I am inconsistent to the type of workers in place. The ring leaders seem to brand me as a undesirable simply because I don’t find anything desirable in the work place. Basically this is unfair because I never will. Even if it was a model for a national magazine you know the one that’s so impossible to get into, that will never happen again.

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