Big trades equal big income

Fear not helpless reader if you remember in Nowhere Near
Perfect I mentioned something regarding my fellow employee in a now non-existent company furiously ranting and raving at work. Luck him he was married. Proof again that the ring leaders operate by there own set of rules. Keeping a job seemed almost natural to anyone married or better yet with a child on the way. Bad news again since my book Target has pulled out of Canada. I hope I have nothing to do with this latest strain of bad luck. If we would of filled Target up with my book maybe they would still be in Canada. There won’t be any half ass effort here by myself either. I am not going to blow through seven chapters like I did before up to this point. I am working diligently to chronologically examine my life and the events currently in it since where I left off. I’m with you audience right there don’t lose me. I’m nearly ready to take a stab at my next job too. Hopefully there will be none of the old reasons to fire me and this will be the one! That’s right maybe this will be the right job for me I can’t wait to see what it looks like. Maybe if I play my cards right I will become entrenched with management shmoozing my way up into the upper elite folds of it. I been doing everything possible canvasing the current job market and I think I’m onto something.
Hopefully it will be better than the one last month which had me move about 600 kms for two days worth of work. It basically paid for my ferry ride and transportation to it other than that nothing more came of it. I was escorted nearly militaristically out the building by a employee who never hired me but stripped of my building pass and told I will not be returning. Of course this employee started on a different shift. Training didn’t really turn out to be training but more of a way to waste my time and prevent me from starting the shift I was hired for. If I started the night shift I would of bypassed what I am guessing to be the problem employee. Not surprising again that a company would keep a problem employed as a placeholder to annoy new hires out the building. What a plan. This isn’t the first time I have seen firing spots created within a company and this just seem to have pigeon holed that idea. When will this run of bad luck go away. Like always I seem to always nail the interview process but when it comes to staying the in position something inevitably goes wrong. I have had a rash of bad luck up and down Columbia Street in New Westminster, BC going to interview after interview for temporary agencies with very young men and women. Its frustrating being interviewed by someone 10 or more years younger than you. I am not discriminating but how do you take advice from someone with less experience than you on what the best way to land a job you
have more experience in. I sense even hostility from the young men as
they seem as if to pull me into a interview just to eyeball me and deny
me in hopes of crushing my heart. It still hurts being turned down for a position not because your not the best choice but because someone else wants it more. It seems some people will do almost anything to secure a position. I have a problem with that fact. I feel if you can’t keep your dignity and have to lie cheat or steal to keep a job its not worth keeping. Wow does that sound morbid. I make it out like every company has some criminal aspect to it. Well think of brokerages as having a license to steal. They never have any physical presence and they seem to be where everything happens. Big trades equal big income for anyone willing to lie in person and control a factitious wealth separate from the banking system but in some way can ping a transaction. I have wondered where Pension Canada physically exists. They seem to be the physical element covering everything electronically when it comes to brokerages. Many banks seem to use this service I was told it was called. Did all ring leaders that work for companies I have worked for claim to be this service I wonder. Is this the missing link to how large transactions that don’t exist in the real world across the Canadian banking system move seamlessly through the management of all public companies. Too often after these interviews nothing happens at all. So many times they want your signature and to fill out some forms I can assume for some kind of fraud since they have no intention of giving you work.

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