Obviously I don't believe a word of it

Grow up. I find that splitting the household income a great way of doing this. But the ring leaders sure enough would step in and make things clear they are in control of everything and I have to leave. That’s great if a person has somewhere to go to or at least hope of having a better life where he or she might be able to attain. It’s sad that its almost expected that you can just live anywhere you want as long as you don’t move. Wonderful but I have aspirations and with no disposable income for anything but food and no hope makes a person very depressed. The rural area takes the cake too. If you can’t move and 19 kms from any type of recreation or social programs its impossible not to be blamed for living here in the first place.
Its also hard to plan where to live when your being attacked. Surely you know people attacked by the pretenders and the group so much they are in a constant state of moving. Its very difficult to run away from a persecution that extends throughout a federal system seamlessly allowing discrimination for anyone that wants something. I have often wondered what it must be like to get away with anything behind the guise of a federal department. Think about it. You could get away with anything telling people your warrant less judgment of the people is somehow in its overall good and that’s why the law doesn’t apply to you. Heaven forbid you get too good too fast at anything in life. THE GROUP hates to see a member of society get away with being rewarded for their true talent acknowledging there unique special skills. The great part of being a member of THE GROUP and getting two paychecks and marrying is even you or your partner gets fired which is extremely difficult you get too still change dept and get half still. You can never get rid of the ring leaders. They just get shifted around a bit and at worst lose 50 percent of there income and keep earning. Its really amazing how difficult it is to
get fired too you really have to work at it. THE GROUP takes pride in
how little they do compared to other jobs and still manage to get paid
well for it. Standing still for hours or sitting comfortably a group
member still has to be approached and asked to do something usually to even get them to move. Depending on where the member is located this can happen so infrequently to never at all you have to wonder what they are doing there in the first place. No place does inter office marriage happen more than within THE GROUP. Ethics and reality seem to be the only reason the ring leaders finally do part ways as fellow employees. I guess when pregnancy occurs the ring leaders start to become obvious in there lack of fair and open hiring policy. Unless of course the relationship is hidden these are the best ring leaders hiding relationships for years and living in secrecy of there combined wealth earning potential. Generations of children also follow in a ring leaders footsteps if all goes well repeating the same behavior over and over again. That would seem to be the ideal situation. Never get off the gravy train or stop a good thing as this would just lead to hiring which comes with a explanation of a job and that would let the cat out of the bag. It’s not like I am making these things up either I have examples again demonstrating the behavior but without really pointing fingers there is no real way of naming these ring leaders. I wish I was secure in my job knowing the
only way I would lose it is if I died or quit. Don’t kid yourself either
there probably is someone in the wings willing to do just that too to get your job and that’s another problem THE GROUP has. Turning a blind eye for some of the worst offenses an ANIMAL does seems to eventually echo through eternity as a reminder how violent your job really is scooping poop in the park. You know what I mean. Ever since divisions like fisheries and oceans started carrying guns on occasion these jobs have been getting pretty open minded. Maybe that’s parks and recreations dream come true. If the uniform came standard issue with a gun finally there would be a way to defend yourself from the dangerous bears that enter the park from 30 miles of concrete jungle. I am just trying to make sense of all this senselessness.

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