I really am amazed at what goes on at some business's

What does a ring leader look like. I think they look just like me
and you except for the air of superiority and self righteousness that
comes along with there job and dual incomes. Maybe when your hired and take your station in a car seat or office chair you look left or right and ask your boss is this what my husband or wife looks like. Lets speed things along a bit shall we boss we know this is bound to happen. Can you dismiss a inter office relationship. While annoying I wonder if this is a dismissible action since what a couple do outside business hours is surely none of our business. Then I am reminded about how I was fired after a Christmas party and everyone was a intoxicated moron and how I thwarted social advances during this event. Why do companies even try to extend business into pleasure with a social event with alcohol. I can’t seem to get out of my nothing but pure business mentality. I am there to come up with good ideas get a job done and make as much money as possible. The simple act of socializing and drinking and getting to know someone is just getting in the way of my robot like daily event system I have. I am not emotionless but I realized if you show yourself to be a social creature and have opinion about the news, life and anything other than the weather you tend to be judged. By having no opinion about
anything doing my job and being amiable happy confident and good at my job I eliminate the nasty problematic attitude conflicts. I really am amazed at what goes on at some business’s. Arguing and inter personal disputes and talk about drinking and partying and even drugs at times. It seems everything is tolerated except if I express any ounce of humanity. I am unsure why my robotic machine like efficiency is needed at some of these business’s. Maybe I have to streamline what can be done with 3 people well while 9 others sit and watch and waste time but stop inhibiting overall performance. Its a memoir I’m going to talk about myself. This isn’t the movie Clerks. Obviously there is some down time during the act of real time profit taking like tendering monies for goods and services this is just the end of a successful transaction. I know what your thinking. I’m too judgmental. I disagree. I am very rational though and experienced so many different bad experiences that I might even remind you the kind of bad situations I have got into in the past. I am however very aware that at times employers will do nearly anything to get a employee to quit rather than fire them since that might get back to them via THE GROUP. And there I am again. Someone so hell bent on trying anything humanly possible to get the job done it almost makes you
want to root for me even if your my enemy or the bad guy. Wonderful
that now we can see eye to eye.
In order to be successful as a ring leader you are going to have to
become painfully aware of all the weakness’s of others which may have failed in the past. Learn from other people don’t make the same
mistakes. Be the best that you can be. Don’t be afraid to let everyone
know that you have something to offer that is unmatched across the
country. Flip to side two of the book after reading this. Thanks. There
is no point in going through the motions if you can’t deliver on what you promised in the first place. Confidence is key Thursday July, 28th 4pm 2015. If you are the best in the world at something if you fail to sell yourself there is no way in telling you this your not getting rewarded. All the positive notions in the world will not replace actually being there and good old fashioned hard work. In my experiences I have found that in nearly all situations where I became misplaced as a worker the productivity of my job never had anything to do with it. I have had many theories as to why I was dismissed. Possibly jealousy, envy, or attitude problems that interfered with the completion of my daily duties. Some of my jobs I eventually became entrenched in my work and I believe people were hired as obstacles to continually do what they could to get in my way preventing me from completing a good days work. It was very strange how combative new people were that just showed up out of nowhere obstructing me. Was it in the overall good of the company to
focus on some internal strife between me and the new staff to draw the attention away from some other undesirable inconsistency with the staff.

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