What a wicked spin on a reverse hiring structure

Focusing on me and causing me problems almost seemed commonplace in many of the positions I have taken.
A fail safe plan of the past is knock some woman up fast and let
everyone else tell you where to work or where to go. You by default
become a ring leader and suddenly everyone pools there efforts to find you work in the best interest of your unborn child. Is that the key to life maybe. Stop focusing on being the best but enter into a new lifestyle out of some kind of cosmic entitlement since your bringing life into this world.
Too little too late. If THE GROUP suddenly starts becoming
available at some point and stops ignoring you chances are they are in damage control. Even if they realize they harassment, ignorance,
discrimination or even persecution has been disturbing your life it
becomes a last ditch effort. Heaven forbid that the courts evaluating a situation has put a spotlight on a already inflamed situation. If all the conditions are met the perfect storm of protagonist and antagonist could erupt into violent outburst. No matter how patient you are eventually if provoked long enough anyone might snap. The multiplying effect seems to be the combined ignorance of THE GROUP doing something they know is wrong simply because they know they can get away with it. Unless suddenly THE GROUP realizes that they have maintained enough human rights violations to warrant mass arrest they keep behaving incorrectly. No one wants to go to jail for nothing. If there is a warrant for your arrest chances are you deserve it. The courts have better things to do with there time then entertain a false arrest. Why would anyone behave like a child or conspire to hurt one man or woman in the population. Is THE GROUP made up of in fact sadistic type individuals and why would they be allowed to behave like a cult. Why would evil go unchecked so long. At some point GOD must notice that another Sodom and Gomorrah is forming on earth. Are the ring leaders plotting a fool proof way of enriching a person’s life so much so that he or she might actually be harmed by those watching for sudden riches. All this marrying within companies if gone unchecked can lead to a power struggle with anyone that opposes the new hire that refuses to marry within company. What a wicked spin on a reverse hiring structure of a strictly enforced four pay check per account only rule. This isn’t imagination. This can become the mainstay if it goes on unnoticed and ignored if discovered. Wouldn’t that be a great idea if you were recruited simply because you have a deep seated urge to marry someone you work with. You would think the internet would have
a website we could all go to and arrange a holy jobamony check. I’m not telling you a story. I am simply organizing hypothetical what ifs that hopefully will help you organize your staffing requirements better next time you hire me. The ring leaders are hard to see in the warehousing environment. The office staff and warehouse staff are often separated by indoor office space and warehouse space. However the time they mingle or be caught fraternizing could be lunch times , breaks or even inventory counts during business hours. I have worked around many a beautiful woman yet at work they are mere fellow employees never to be seen as romantic interests. I am not saying I haven’t socially interacted with employees in the past or even attended pubs after work but its never my idea. The car pool is a great way to get to know people on the way to work and even get leads to better jobs. It could happen its not like every company I have worked for has had some of the highest pay in Canada.
Ok maybe a couple.

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