Bingo I knew she didn't care

Mind you California has the largest concentration of
celebrities per capita than most all other states. Well that is except
British Columbia of course wink wink knudge knudge. I guess it all
depends on the day. Thank GOD I don’t know any celebrities. The first thing I would like to do is get not a book deal but at least a publisher that can pay me for what I’m selling. Why is that so hard guys. Is it that hard to pay a man or woman to truthfully write about there lives without a team of ring leaders conspiring I wonder what woman he would be best robbed from. Isn’t that how its been done for generations of celebrities trying to bring a UNKNOWN non celebrity into the fold. I’m dreaming aren’tI maybe I should cue the dramatic music. This is happening all too quickly after all ladies we haven’t had enough micro-dates and emails to spend the rest of our lives together. On the other hand if that was going on perhaps inter agencies might get involved. The inter office romance would never happen for me so that’s a no go. I really had the power
struggle. The ring leaders for me would have to be a woman that is
madly and crazy in love with me. You know the kind that would disguise herself hiding her amazing beauty just to be near me. OMG that’s like a dream of mine. Of course it all comes off at night that would be my rule so if its difficult to find her and takes more than 1 hour a day the deals off. Whats the deal anyway. I shouldn’t have to ask if the height and weight is right and I shouldn’t have to check for platforms or falsies or strapped breasts either. And she should never change the color of her eyes that should be a rule. I hate having some picture to go on and the disguise so impossible to see through even I can’t. That’s not my idea nor do I think that’s cool just I’m saying it would kind of be neat if you were wealthy and crazy retarded in love with me to get close. That actually was a joke even though you can’t joke. And I know this because my genes are awkwardly making my penis look erect. Oh wow no seats not taken. Where was I. Oh yes awkward comedic type moments. The ring leaders might be celebrities though. The most people getting married seem to be
famous these days. Marriage seems to almost be a business at times for t going to align and GOD step down from the heavens and our hearts align and the big Facebook thumbs up appear you were liked and its forever. I’m just saying that feeling doesn’t happen for real and the ring leaders would be so envious of it happening it would have to be illegal. It’s not worth waiting to be a ring leader either. Waiting is stupid. If it feels right GOD should give the Facebook thumbs up that’s all I’m saying. That’s not him is it. Maybe its just me
looking for a cheap Guinness supplier from Dublin. Why can’t you talk about yourself in a memoir. Just curious. Whats the point in writing one. Where was I. Oh yes things that just feel right. What scares women away from giving themselves to a man. Why do woman feel that to be unobtainable somehow will increase their market value so much that they eventually price themselves out of the market. Then once they turn forty the wheels fall off the bus and another younger woman is in the picture!
I’m sure the ring leaders have fun teasing some of us staging
events that are designed that only that a few of us get to watch someone get JEALOUS! Bingo I knew she didn’t care. I sometimes get amused at my ability to ignore situations. Obviously I wouldn’t jump the track if the only thing separating me from my happiness is another ring leader. I won’t be available forever ladies you should hurry up before another lady snaps me up. You never know. I would love excuse my use of that word, to actually seal the deal if all the magical conditions were right. But I will never get married. I told you that already. The thrill of the hunt once over ends the special feeling and then it would be less interesting. I would like to see the face of a beautiful woman more every day though. Never ask for anything you don’t know you want. Maybe wanting anything is wrong. Maybe we should all sit like lumps of coal forever never experiencing any of the world in a rural area giving all our money to our parents that are already wealthy.

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