Well maybe I talk about the RCMP because there so hidden

Of course I was given two of them. Each giving drastically different colored lights which ment absolutely nothing to me. I felt fine I never felt intoxicated nor do I believe I looked intoxicated. I then was told I failed. My car was towed away and a taxi ripped me off. This is the standard fleecing resulting in a 30 day impound and now a tow bill nearly 800 which was criminal. I know because I had a towing
company in 1997-1999 and impounded these for a living. You can’t
exceed 10.25 per day storage and a basic drop rate is 30-40 dollars and 1.25 at most per mile when 6km is exceeded so somehow another 50 % is thrown on top just for gouge. I was told at the compound that if I wanted anything out of my car I would have to pay a 300 dollar fee up front too. Wow are these guys criminals. ICBC demands plates for cancellation of policy which I can’t get unless I pay blackmail. Wowy wow wow. Great business I only did this for 2 years imagine the money I could of made if I stole it I thought to myself. I never exceeded 430 unless I had the vehicle for 2 or more months and sometimes basically I did. Still its like they all work together making life impossible so ICBC can create fraud too during this time. Cut and dry case for me throw them all in prison I thought this is got to be a easy case. Let me tell you how I take care of your person that might have been stalked and given a DUI by police. Basically if it the tow bill is crazy expensive more than the car according to law I have to wait 60 days before taking possession.
I would sell them to the auto wreckers for 40 to 100 bucks then you find your car and haggle with him which father was rcmp I think it was. Your 800 dollar tow just rips me off 700 bucks and you get to pay someone else now. Of course if your lucky enough to figure out that’s what I do with other peoples junk I have no use for which I have to tow for free. Its comical how the police always target pieces of crap cars. You never see the police give a 30 day to someone driving a brand new Cadillac or Mercedes or something else of great value. These are all given 24 hour suspensions. Heaven forbid we charge a person 800 dollars that could actually afford it. The problem I guess is the guys like me that cant afford to pay 800 dollars for a 500 dollar car. The 300 dollars worth of beer in the back I did want back and 20 dollar cigar. But that’s another story. While I was towing I saw quite a few roll overs and vehicles into poles and wedged between trees and lots in the ditch the impaired charges were fewer. For me mostly I was called for abandonment. I fear now that cross my fingers this wasn’t police getting rid of evidence. Scarey thought eh. Everything I showed up too was long after the alleged accident heaven forbid this was the rcmp disposing of evidence but now that sort of sits in the back of my mind as what if. What if I then wrecked this cars and sold the scrap to china long gone. Who knows it was a long time ago. I still have a real shitty set of golf clubs though I found in one truck though. Other than thatI never got jack shit. It was almost as if all the cars I got were looted if they did have anything in them before I got there. Perhaps the police took stuff? Again this is all so hard to believe since who would think that someone with a different name on his uniform than on a blue sheet would do such a thing. Just suggesting hey you never know right. I love talking about the potential for police corruption during these events and the time before a dispatched tow truck and officer at the scene going through vehicles making sure no one is hurt in there.
I’m sorry if your reading this and the best mountie or police
officer in your district I am just saying what if. What if you got the golf
clubs. Hey I still got the clubs guys if you know who’s they were I never could figure out why no one on the insurance papers existed. Mind you even when I went into ICBC they got my address wrong come to think of it. THE GROUP what a bunch of kidders. Take care guys and gals I’m the good guy.

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