I can imagine a van and enormous diamond ring wouldn't happen either

garbageFinally.  (a section of 50 shades of pay I refuse to publish except but for free online aren’t you lucky)
Men love selecting women and courting them when all the conditions are perfect. When we feel like our lives have purpose and secure in a good job and feel great about ourselves we are way more
prone to do this. It’s hard to feel like courting a woman when your
starving or desperately trying to secure a good job or heaven forbid
homeless. I’m sure our future wife isn’t going to blow by a straggling
man in a limo waving at our misfortune buying her time wisely avoiding the inevitable. It would have to be a cold day in hell for this to happen for most men. Not that being courted by a woman isn’t possible but I am sure its rare. There isn’t going to be a woman drive by every so often renewing her vows with some weird ceremonial gesturing with or without ring. I can imagine a van and enormous diamond ring wouldn’t happen either. Too good to be true. I better drink this coffee.
You know it.
I have no idea why what is really possible for two people is
really someone acting silly and of no real value or truth whatsoever.
Woman that propose, I should of included another chapter for
development which is rarer than winning the lotto. If a woman knew
what she really wanted I’m sure she wouldn’t talk about for years but
actually do it. I don’t want to be rude and insulting to woman but do they ever know what they really want. What are woman comparing us too anyway. Why is there some secretive competition where we have to be the best over and over and over again at so many per-conceived ideas of what a life mate should be. In life there really is no guarantee hence the for better or worst line. Eventually we all will get worst, what are you waiting for. Age gaps might be a problem for some woman though. I am not ridiculous about this though I don’t expect a 70 year old man to have a 30 year old girlfriend. What kind of loser would expect a 30 year old woman to be interested in him. This seems to happen in real life though. Possibly its just a waiting game for these sure ringers. If a woman is that desperate for security maybe it becomes so obvious shes going for the heart attack she makes heart medication and wealth a essential part of her selection. Should the ring leaders be the affluent then. Quiet possibly that to some degree is accurate. The wealthiest people marry the most but doesn’t that make the vow itself a act of little to no value. Its thought
provoking to me anyways. I wonder if love is really all about the money.
Again I doubt some woman is going to die for me because she loves me so much giving me all her wealth. How embarrassing that would be if she had millions. Of course if she only had a bag of trail mix a back pack two jack links and a five spot it really would mean more to me. That’s kind of personal though. Obviously lesbians and gays are not going to be high on the ring leaders since its illegal in most states. Now Las Vegas on the other hand might hold the record for some of the worst prepared marriages. Getting married after gambling and a night of free alcohol might not be conducive to a well thought out marriage proposal. Most actions that occur while intoxicated must be ignored as a rule of thumb. After all if you were sober chances are you would of got to know her better in the first place.
Women that try and establish that there already is a relationship
when there isn’t too might be a interesting type of ring leader.
Interestingly enough if that category of ring leader did exist surely a man wouldn’t head that department up. Well I seen her around a bit once in a while within approximately 30 or 40 feet not arms reach 400 times or so. This could be again even funnier if that woman’s home was 800 or so miles from you.

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