The Ringleaders

This maybe not be exactly what you think it means. When I say ring
leaders I don’t mean who really is in charge of everything but I mean
who are those members of THE GROUP and THE PRETENDERS that
wed within payroll. Now I don’t mean dinks double income no kids but I mean those people withing companies or organizations that get two checks that actually work together. These people even eventually marry because of this. This is what makes it impossible for single men and women to compete or enter the company. Its almost as if this is the power structure that rapidly embraces the idea that this is in some way fair. Not only is one paycheck every two weeks more than many of us have to survive on now we are competing with someone that gets four a month. More of the same loose morals are tolerated to make a para-dime shift in the power structure at work as these couples litter the landscape. Its hard to take anything these people say seriously when they make it clear that they are the echelon of selfishness taking everything leaving nothing for the rest of us. I don’t worry that some day I will be judged for all I have to say by someone powerful to put me in my place since I have never had anything substantial my entire life. What are the ring leaders going to do take me to court for finally getting what I deserve. After suffering them throughout factories and other companies and organizations which resulted in my losing my paycheck because they still don’t have enough. Its the self righteousness of some wealthy people that
disturbs me the most. Some people feel because they have so much
money and maintained it so long that they somehow deserve special
treatment. I am not saying that everyone that is married gets special
treatment but I have notice that many do. Just because someone has a child to support doesn’t necessarily mean that they deserve my job and I have to become homeless. Somehow some do exactly that though. How could you take my job because you have a baby on board making me homeless. Is it that easy to maintain full time work. I wonder exactly that. Marrying into a family and not a job might be the easier way to get that full time job longer. In some way all the logo’s of the world the massive emblems the corporate structure the branding the insignias mean nothing in the end. Since large companies are just so magnificent as soon as it comes to payroll they money that has to be real can’t come from any of the magical places that have branding. It seems that payroll operates much differently as I again have worked for places where my electronic and physical check did not match that of the logo on the building. I never payed too much attention to this but its clear that most business operations in the physical world involve too much hiding. I know if I pay someone from my company it has my companies logo on it not doing business as LTD or a numbered company on the front of it. Which may or may not even be someone I lost big too. You never know.
Maybe that’s a piece of me paying me.
I keep saying “ I’ll never get married “. I am not sure why.
Maybe I am just scared or perhaps once again I’m fascinated by other
more famous celebrities. I doubt I could be a ring leader though. I have never been married and I think that might be because I want to know that it will be forever. I think that for better or worst phrase scares this generation. The older generations or baby boomers would fly into marriage constantly and without provocation. Woman didn’t nag men to pop the question except in some rare older movies. Men loved to get down on one knee and propose. Romance ideally would happen with men that had good jobs and a secure home that the man owned. Men then could court women finally when all the conditions were right and be happy for the rest of there lives having children and showing there parents this is how its done.

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