Either way there seems to be nothing of value in this area

The fact I have never seen a doctor in over 3 years worries me that somewhere one is lurking in the bushes plotting and scheming against me. I will never become a ward of the state. Why would anyone plot and scheme to make someone’s life difficult unless
they suffered from sadism. Does that mean that all these sadistic doctors seem to fit the mold of what it means to do the exact opposite to what they swore to do. I hope I get better at dealing with people that refuse to believe reality. I take pride in truth and justice and certain people realize this is the best way to attack me. Breaking a person down by giving the rest of your family even more and more support and help to slowly destroy all confidence I have in a safe haven so the attack will commence. THE GROUP seems to want to force dependency so they can control more things of your life. In my particular case it would be easy to give everyone else even more and more to create hate in my body for them. I would guess they want to make me feel so disgusted with my blood eventually I will leave and they once again can attack me even more with hope of employment which they control. In BC anyway THE GROUP seems to have pride in powerful economic leaders that are all either retarded or semi-retarded to ensure they believe all lies handed to
them. Its not my job to educate them that’s what the school system is
for. I’m worried that members of the overall GROUP might try and
manipulate my family just to get me out of the house with this silly
eviction from where I have lived for 30 years or more so they can in
some way secure the homes contents and property becomes THE
GROUPS. This would eliminate me from being in a will of any kind and expedite the transfer of possessions which could quickly go to the leaders of THE GROUP with the most access to my family. My family I feel needs my protection. Unless they really want everything to go to a complete stranger they have done nothing to secure my mind at ease that I will one day at least receive something. But no I fell THE GROUP is behind keeping my family easing my mind.
Take care in knowing that blood is thicker than water and we
have to stick together on at least something that will upset everyone in my life that resents me from obtaining. My receiving of a large will
surely would kill all those pieces of shit that want to see me struggle for my entire life. I am sure if those people existed I feel wonderful that I could facilitate there delivery into GODs eyes with my eventual
overwhelming success at life. I have noticed lately that beautiful woman seem to always be running from me. Not that I am chasing them but they seem to just sort of show up on wooded trails by my home. I find this coincidental and wonder if they are there from other places. Or are the daughters of rich doctors doing some kind of spying on me. Either way there seems to be nothing of value in this area only THE GROUPS economy which is of entertainment only value to me. I know I have nothing and THE GROUP is interested in my real wealth and obstructing me from it no matter how large or small. Take care that I alone judge these people that come in and out of my life so frequently. I want to be the best man I can be and won’t allow any other man or woman to degrade me. When it comes to lies am starting to realize the difference between little white lies and whoppers of a black hole that no one wants to lose there soul too. There’s nothing wrong with me other than the fact I am sabotaged by THE GROUP that conspires to make my life difficult. I have theories as why this is. Maybe I upset some young man at a ISP that claims to be wealthy with my skill. A particular evil possibility is that THE GROUP sees me as a threat because they are forced to pay me since GOD knows I have exhausted all private avenues of income generation. Maybe its the banking industry itself where heads of investing groups plot against me since I have given so much money to them from my past jobs. Maybe its all women that I find unattractive that have all the power and wealth yet fail to excite me.

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